UGA Day Macon

Every May the UGA Alumni Association holds a meet and greet dinner event with Coaches Mark Richt (football) and Mark Fox (basketball).
 We promptly got in line to get our autographs and pictures.
I got the inside of my bulldog clutch autographed...both coaches said it was the first purse they had ever signed!
 Unfortunately the lady who took our photo moved and only took one, so this is what we ended up with.
Both coaches are so incredibly nice and they remember us from years past, which is neat.
 For the past two years barbecue from Fincher's has been served.
Personally, it's some of the worst barbecue I've ever eaten.
I can't stomach it-and that's pretty bad.
 If you're a Georgia person you have to love Chuck Dowdle!
It couldn't go without mention that our beloved quarterback, Aaron Murray, just signed with the Kansas City Chiefs!
Also, that his older brother Josh, also a UGA grad, is representing the Bulldawg nation on the Bachelorette (Bachelorette Andi is from Atlanta)!!!
We;ve known he was going to be on the show for several months now, so we've been anticipating the start of the season.
Of course, the Pinson house is Team Josh Murray all the way!!
I seriously can't wait to see what happens with their relationship. 
 Coach Fox gave us an update on the basketball team, who has been signed, and some things to look forward to this season.
 Coach Richt shared about new training, new coaching, new players and updates on the overall status of the team.
 The grounds are just beautiful-perfectly manicured.
 We are looking forward to the new season and seeing what the Bulldogs have in store for us!
Go Dawgs!!


  1. You look beautiful! Love your hair like that. Cute idea having them sign that!

  2. My husband calls the Chiefs the "SEC Chiefs". A few Vols including our beloved Eric Berry are on the Chiefs' roster :) Love that your clutch is autographed!


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