Godchildren: Strawberries, School, Fishing

We've had a couple of visits with our Godchildren lately.
They came to visit us the last weekend of April and we went to Twin Oaks Farm, which is just across the street from us, to pick strawberries and let the kids play on the playground.
Ellie had her very first taste of homemade strawberry ice cream and loved it, of course!
Sam loved his, too...he was in a sugar trance!
Brandon and Charlie played some cornhole while Ellie cruised around.
She took her first steps at her 1st birthday party in March, so she's a free bird now.
The boys love to ride in their Uncle Brandon's truck-they think it's so cool!
Nevermind that it has 187,000 miles on it, no power windows or locks, no dvd player or anything luxurious...they still think it's awesome. 
I think it's awesome, too. It's been a good truck to us and it's paid for!
We are hoping to get 200,000 miles out of it at least.
After the strawberry picking was finished we went to eat supper at The Rookery in Macon to celebrate the April birthdays.
Charlie (April 9) and Brandon (April 19) are our Aries babies and boy are they the epitome of their sign!
I'm glad they have each other because the rest of us would be worn slap out trying to keep up with them.

We all love a really good burger and shake, so The Rookery was the perfect place to go-plus they have outdoor seating which is great for this crew.
We surprised Charlie with a little alligator cupcake ensemble and he loved it!
It seriously was so cute-and believe it or not, I found it at Walmart (have I mentioned I loathe that place?) for $4.
It had 2 cupcakes, which was perfect for Charlie and Sam.
In my mind I can't believe he's already 7 years old, then I look at him sticking his tongue out and acting totally crazy and I believe it.
The week after Mother's Day, we went over to visit them for a few days.
Brandon and Meg's dad went fishing down in Florida and I stayed back with the family to help out with the kids and spend some time together.
This little doll baby is growing and changing every time I see her.
I absolutely love baby girls, especially dressing them up!
Sam had his end of the year preschool program and it was so cute!
I love getting to go to their special events!
Fruits of the spirit...I adore this! 
He has them memorized and can tell you what they are.
Melts my heart!
Please ignore me in these pictures-I was a hot mess-literally!
It was a hundred degrees and humid outside and I had been catching turtles with Sam all afternoon.
Eyelashes for days...I'm pretty sure I kiss her to death!
I always love getting to read, well now Charlie reads, bedtime stories and saying prayers with these sweet boys when I visit.
I am so proud of them and their knowledge of Jesus and the Bible at such a young age.
These are a few of the pictures of Brandon's fishing trip.
Meg's dad, Big Jim, goes down to Panacea, FL, several times a month and Brandon has been dying to go with him for a long time.
So, as part of a belated birthday present, he took off work and went.
He caught his limit and brought home a bounty of fresh sea trout that we thoroughly enjoyed eating.


  1. Oh my word, they are all so precious! And girlfriend, if that is you a "hot mess", I don't even won't to compete with you on a good day! Love your Lilly blouse, it is one of my favorites.

  2. Aww this is so adorable!! :) And I totally agree with the comment above! Lady you are gorgeous- "hot mess" or not!! :)
    :) Rebecca

  3. Such a sweet time. Your godchildren are so blessed to have you so involved in their lives!!!

  4. I cannot believe that little miss is walking... That is crazy where has the time gone? I am glad you all enjoyed time together! It looks like you all had tons & tons of fun!


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