Cherry Blossom Festival 2014

Macon is the Cherry Blossom Capital of the World and is the home of the International Cherry Blossom Festival, which is a 10 day event that takes place in late March every year and has been deemed "The Pinkest Party on Earth." There are over 300,000 cherry trees in Macon, Georgia, making it a sight to see during the early spring!
It's a pretty big deal around here, so everyone decorates for the big event with cherry blossoms and pink galore!
I just spruce up our front door wreath each year as things an get faded and weathered.
I also made a super cute mailbox arrangement this year as well.
I got the Jimmy Carter shake, which is peanut butter and banana with a piece of bacon on top. 
Brandon and I walked around the craft booths and made our way to our favorite downtown restaurant, The Rookery and picked up 2 milkshakes to go.
 The place was packed, as one could imagine!
Brandon got the "special," which was a Girl Scouts Samoas shake.
It was really, really good.

Downtown Macon is in a transitional phase.
The architecture and the "bones" are incredible, but corrupt government over the years has really taken a toll.
During our last election, the government was consolidated and the future is looking bright!
We are excited to see many of the plans for the city come to fruition, because it truly is a beautiful city.
Mulberry Street has a median that is lined with gorgeous azaleas in my favorite shade of pink.
Of course, being into Southern history, I adore the historic Confederate Building on Cotton Avenue.
Now the countdown begins for the 2015 International Cherry Blossom Festival!


  1. So pretty! We met the sweetest couple from Macon on our honeymoon, they had gotten married the same day as us!

  2. Beautiful! My dad used to work in Macon, and at one point my parents lived in Gray.

  3. What a beautiful dwontown.

  4. We've lived in Macon for the last 4 years while my husband has been in med school at Mercer. We're moving at the end of the month, and I am already feeling nostalgic about leaving. Such a pretty town! Especially during Cherry Blossom:)

    As a side note: where did you find those adorable pink pants? I'd been looking for a bright pink pair but haven't found any yet!

  5. Look at you rocking those pink pants girlie.. Looks like you had fun in Macon at the festival :)


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