UGA vs. FL

We awoke early on a rainy Saturday morning to see dozens of surfers in the Atlantic hoping for some wave action.
I swear every year we start this game day off with rain.
The guys left early and set up our tailgate.
Fresh grilled shrimp-yum!
Check out Britt's custom made "silver britches!"
He surprised us all by sliding into them just before we embarked on our walk to the stadium.
Britt lived in India for a year while supervising a major construction project and he had these pants custom made while there.
All I could think about was satin bed sheets.

Good old fashion rivalry humor at its finest!
This picture of my MIL kills me-she looks so deliriously happy that she could take flight in her scarf turned cape.
I love it!
Gator sandwich.
After finally making it through the security lines, which are the worst ever at this game, we finally found our seats.
 Me and my love!
And the Dawg prayers commence!
After a nail biter of a game, the Dawgs pulled out a win {23-20} and Coach Mark Richt looks to the fans in the stands and gives the thumbs up!
Celebrating a sweet victory!
Happy Bulldog Family!
The Redcoat Band leading the fans and players in victory song!
The next morning the skies were blue and clear and we headed home to Georgia with our flags flying.
 Beautiful scenery along the way.
 We made it home to the cotton fields of Georgia.

Until next year, Jacksonville!

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