Jacksonville Beach

It's one of our favorite weekends in the fall: Georgia-Florida Weekend!!
We love to have a long weekend on the coast and watch some great college football.
This year we stayed at Jacksonville Beach, which was a first.
In years past we've stayed at St. Simons Island, St. Mary's and Ponte Vedra Beach.
Our friends Britt and Andrea secured our accommodations, so we went with it.
We left right after work on Thursday evening and it was a short 4 hour drive for us with no traffic.
We woke up to a beautiful sunrise over the Atlantic and headed out for a day at the beach.
We threw the football, soaked up some sun, talked, and enjoyed each other. 
The water was too cold for me to swim in, unfortunately.
We love Britt and Andrea!
The guys decided to make a run for it and dive into the cold water.
They looked just like they did when they were little boys.
After our day at the beach we got ready and drove up to Mayport Village to eat some fresh seafood.
We went to Safe Harbor Seafood Market, which is just awesome.
They have a restaurant with outdoor seating.

Of course Brandon found a stray cat and did a little physical exam and checked its teeth. Never a dull moment.
Britt is 6'7" and Andrea is 4'10 or 11". She's our token Gator Girl.
After dinner we went back to JAX beach and went out on the town.
I guess I'm getting old because I'd rather go eat frozen yogurt when it's all said and done. ;)

We had a great day and looking forward to the big game tomorrow!

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  1. It looks you all 4 had a wonderful time! I have seen Britt & Andrea in your photos before & I love how little she is & how tall he is.. Those 2 are so darn together :) I am sure the trip for you & Brandon did not last long enough..


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