UGA vs. Missouri

We rushed up to Athens per usual after work on Saturday to watch the Bulldogs host Missouri.
Brandon showing his new hat
It was a gorgeous day with beautiful blue skies!
The Dawgs played horribly and we lost 41-26.
After the game we headed downtown to pick up our diploma frames...4 years after I graduated and 3 years after Brandon did.
Better late than never!
This one is mine. Brandon's has a red mat with a photo of Uga VI on the right side.
We walked around downtown and went to Onward Reserve, which is awesome!
Our favorite old haunt is General Beauregard's (our German Shorthair Pointer's namesake), where they play country music and serve drinks in mason jars.
We also went by Gigi's Cupcakes and consumed too many calories.
Why do I do this to myself?!
Brandon was too involved with his to look at the camera.
Before heading home we made a pit stop in Trader Joe's for a few things.
I love this mural of Athens.
Until next time...let's get it together Dawgs!!

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  1. Boo to the Dawgs loosing but yay to you & Brandon enjoying your time together not having to work :)
    I love your scarf its too dang cute.. Ps I love seeing all these blog post from you its nice to see you blogging again :)


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