Santa Rosa Beach Days 1, 2 & 3 -The Time I Met Luke Bryan

 Off we go!
We took the long way on our way down to the beach, primarily just to see a few things we hadn't seen and to stop by Stripling's General Store.
Y'all, this is the most fabulous place ever! It's darling and they have the BEST products!
This is the original location, which is 10 miles southwest of I-75 of the GA-FL Pkwy (300).
They recently opened a second location in Watkinsville, Georgia, which is just southeast of Athens.
They are known for their sausage dogs, so of course Brandon had to have one.
I had a bite and it was pretty darn good!
I ended up getting a barbecue sandwich and some homemade sugar cookies.
 They have a butcher and the meat is so fresh and priced well.
We got 4 filet mignons for $24 and Brandon cooked them while we were at the beach and they were just as good if not better than any I've had at a restaurant.
They also sell local cookbooks, cute gifts, Georgia Grown products, fresh baked cakes and cookies, and so much more.
They seriously have it all!
The last town we drove through before entering Florida was Colquitt, GA in Miller County.
They had the most amazing feed storage towers I've ever seen.
Colquitt is known as the "Mural City" and the recent mural painting of the farmer with his peanuts, cotton, cows and moss draped live oaks was the perfect image for a South Georgia town.
God made a farmer...
We arrived safe and sound at the beach that afternoon and immediately changed into our swimsuits and hit the sand.
 Finally in my happy place.
We watched the sunset and I spoke to Brandon about how incredible it is that God can always draw a crowd over a beach sunset, even if people don't realize they are watching the ultimate artist at work, in motion.
People literally were walking to the edge of the shore, seeming to appear out of nowhere to watch.
It reminded me of the movie City of Angels.
As I was talking, Brandon took this picture of me and I just love it.
It captures me in my element.
That night we just threw some clothes on and went to eat at Stinky's Fish Camp in Santa Rosa Beach.
After that we went to Publix to pick up a few things for the week.
 Monday morning Brandon went to play golf so I went to Seaside, then I went to the beach.
Is this perfection or what?!
While I was in Seaside...I had been running and was in my running apparel and had a hat on...I rounded a corner and immediately noticed Luke Bryan standing in line at Pickles.
My heart lept out of my chest because I knew without a doubt that it was him. 
His wife and two boys were with him. 
Can you see him in the blue shorts?
So, after he ordered and got his food, they sat down at this table.
I just had to speak so I quietly and politely walked over and whispered, "Are you Luke Bryan?"
He replied, "I am." 
I told him that we were from Georgia and had been huge fans since his debut song that was filmed in Athens when we lived in Athens and so on and so forth.
He wasn't unfriendly, but it was very clear that he didn't want to be hassled. 
So, I put my own desires aside and I did not ask for a picture or an autograph.
He was trying to spend time with his family without interruption.
His oldest son's big blue eyes were staring up at me while I was talking and I just wanted to show him some respect.
While my husband is no celebrity, I know how it feels to never be able to get away alone.
People are always yanking and tugging when he gets any time off at all, plus he works nonstop and is on call 24/7.
This was the first week since our honeymoon over 7 years ago that I had him all to myself.
That being said, I wanted to show Luke Bryan and his family the same respect that I wanted that week.
So, I told them to enjoy their vacation together as a family and to have a wonderful week and I walked away.
Then I kept wondering if that really happened to me and I began to feel like I made an idiot out of myself.
Maybe someday I'll get to meet him again and explain myself!
That night we got ready and went to eat at the Red Bar in Grayton Beach.
People love this place, and the food is good, but I have to admit...
I can't stand the atmosphere.
I've never been into the 60s or 70s music scene or hippie movement, so loud 70s music, dingy lighting, and the weird crowd are a stretch for me.
Brandon had blackened grouper over  grits cake and I had a seafood pasta dish the waiter talked me into.
I wish I had gotten the grouper.
For dessert we had some of the very best bread pudding we'd ever put in our mouths...seriously.
Day 3 we spent at the beach...all day long. Then we rode our bikes and watched the sunset.
Perfectly painted.


  1. How cool that you met Luke Bryan!! Love the painting of the farmer! Absolutely gorgeous!

  2. Girl, these pictures are beautiful!!!!! So glad you had a great time!

  3. This is my favorite post, for obvious reasons!! I'm in love with 30A and especially Sea Side!! I knew he was there on a fishing trip with Charles from Lady A but how cool that you got to meet him! I've met him twice and he is so nice but he's also been in his element so I'm sure out in public he is a little more guarded. You were so respectable and sweet in the way you went about saying hello, etc. I am so glad y'all had so much fun!! This just makes me want to go to 30A today and pray he is there fishing again! :)

  4. The photos are perfect! You always do an amazing job at taking photos sweet girl.. I love anything & all things beach... Where did you get your cute little bathing suit & the pants? I so would love a pair of both :) If you would be as sweet to share where I would be one happy lady :)

  5. Hey Cherish - just came upon your site - very nice!

    I feel the same way about The Red Bar. Louis Louis is now our favorite - same food same owners, but a lot cleaner, quieter, quicker to get a table, etc.


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