Knoxville Visit

On a gorgeous fall Friday I drove up to Dahlonega to pick up my sister and head up to Knoxville for a visit with our family and a pair of tickets to the UT vs. UGA football game.
We drove through Ellijay, so naturally we had to stop for some apples and fried pies.
When we got to our grandparent's house in Knoxville, we got back in the car and drove across town to watch my cousin, Kurstin, play in one of her softball games.
He team won and she is just awesome!
Saturday morning before the big game, we went to watch our cousin, Justin, play in his football game, which just happened to take place right off the UT campus.
How cool would it be to get to grow up playing football right beside a major SEC school?!
Justin's team won and he played great!
 Here are Justin and Kurstin at their season pictures.
 It's not surprising that Justin is a great football player, seeing how his dad (my dad's brother) played football at UT...yep! #93
We enjoyed our grandparent's farm on Sunday morning...so many wonderful memories here.
My sister helped our Papaw work on his Harley...which was s sight to see!
After we said our goodbyes we headed back downtown to Market Square to do a little shopping and eating.
We are obsessed with Tupelo Honey Cafe!!!
Everything was seriously to die for! I've been dreaming of going back since we left.

We had a wonderful trip and it was so much fun to get to be with just my sister for a change.
I can't wait until next time!
We love you, Knoxville!

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  1. I live in Blue Ridge and love the apple orchards around here.. Mercier Orchards (Blue Ridge) is so good if you ever get up here. Has a restaurant and bakery inside of the country store.


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