Downtown Macon Sundays

After church on Sundays we like to either go out to eat lunch and explore or come home and go to the pool or take the boat out for some afternoon fishing.
The pool is getting too cold this time of year, but it's still very pretty outside so lately we've been exploring downtown Macon.
One of our favorite restaurants is The Rookery.
We love their local grassfed burgers and their milkshakes, which are made of milk from local Sweetgrass Dairy.
There are so many different burgers options. 
I always order one with a fried green tomato, pimiento cheese, bacon and barbecue sauce. 
our favorite milkshake is the Jimmy Carter, which is peanut butter and banana with a strip of bacon on top.

Macon has so many beautiful historic homes, buildings and churches.
This is the Cowles-Bond House:
Market City Cafe is a popular eatery, too, and it's almost across the street from The Rookery.
Brandon had fried chicken and biscuits and I had french toast.

No matter where we live, our motto is and has always been, "Live like a tourist!."
So, that is what we do...


  1. I really want to leave some time on my next trip to Savannah to stop in Macon and eat at some of these places!!!

  2. The Rookery yummy :)
    What was your purple milkshake?
    It looked good..


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