Dahlonega Visit

It was late Sunday night when we arrived back at my sister's house from our Knoxville trip.
Not to mention it was raining and I just didn't think I could make another 2 hour drive south, so I spent the night.
I love going home. This is the land I grew up on and made so many wonderful memories that shaped who I am today.
As the clouds cleared out after the overnight rain, the day just kept getting more beautiful.
I always feel refreshed when I go "home home."
The Blue Ridge portion of the Appalachians.
I love to walk around downtown during the weekdays because my little hometown has turned into quite the tourist destination, which means there is no parking and people everywhere on the weekends.
I am so blessed to have grown up in this precious little town.
We could openly pray in school, our teachers and administrators prayed, there was virtually no violence and I -to this day- have never seen any drugs up close and personal.
We were accountable. Everyone knows everyone and it's a good thing. 
The more I am out in the world the more I realize the sort of bubble I grew up in, but I'm thankful for that bubble that provided me with a very strong moral foundation to make good decisions.
I still can't get over the name changing of our hometown university.
I spent my first two years of college here at North Georgia College and State University, which has since been changed to the University of North Georgia.
After shopping downtown I headed over to my sister's fabulous salon, Structure Hair Studio, for a much needed cut!
Love her style!
4 inches gone...
I couldn't drive through Atlanta without making a few necessary stops at The Ballard Designs and Frontgate Outlets, Ikea, and Trader Joe's.
Atlanta traffic...needless to say it was late by the time I got home.
It was great to get home and be greeted with lots of love from my honey and our furbabies!

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  1. I really enjoyed this post, the town looks lovely! Thank you fro having such a wonderful blog:)


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