Braves vs. Dodgers

Brandon and I went to the Braves vs. Dodgers game at Turner Field last night.
It's pretty neat that the original walls from Fulton County Stadium were left up when they demolished it to build a bigger and better facility.
Now it's a parking lot, but they do have the plates/infield blocked off so you can actually stand where the field once was.
Of course Brandon, a former pitcher, just had to walk out to the pitcher's mound and throw an imaginary pitch.
Only in Georgia do you have a Waffle House inside your major league baseball stadium!
Chipper Jones threw the ceremonial first pitch, which I was ecstatic to see!
Our Braves ended up losing 6-1-ouch, but we still had fun.


  1. Love this!! You are so adorable!! :) These pictures are wonderful!! :)

  2. Love the photos sweet girl of you & Brandon! Looks like you two had a blast.. Glad you enjoyed yourselves :)


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