What We Do At The Beach

Brandon and I truly love the beach.
I know so many people say that, then they go on vacation and rarely even actually spend any time on the beach because they don't like the sand, they are afraid of the ocean, it's too hot, etc.
Well, NOT US!
I have always loved the sand, the salt water, the salty air, the sun, the stickiness-I love it all, except maybe seaweed and jellyfish, but I'm willing to endure it.
So, when I'm on vacation, you can find me actually on the beach or in the ocean.
From sun up to sun down I am there-soaking up every single ounce of it all.
This is how I know I was meant to live at the beach! Someday!
WARNING: A ton of beach pictures ahead. This is our journal, so feel free to skip over if you aren't interested or have negative comments. 
We both love water sports, swimming, and most anything outdoors.
This year we rented a paddle board for the week and took turns on it.
We both taught ourselves how to use it in the ocean.
The first 15 minutes or so were pretty rough. I inhaled a lot of salt water.
But, once I got it everything clicked and I was good to go!
Brandon found those white sunglasses-he would have never purchased those, but he didn't want to wear his Costas because he knew he would lose them in the ocean.
He ended up losing the white glasses the day he found them.
I will say that if I hadn't been working out regularly and in shape, the paddleboard experience would have been more more difficult.
You really use your leg muscles so much to stabilize, and of course your arms to paddle.
One day I just paddled out really far. Probably a mile-no exaggeration.
The water was like glass I was so far out and I could see all the way to the bottom-maybe 25 feet deep or so. I layed down on my board and watched the stingrays beneath me.
I never saw any sharks, though I know they were out there.
The next thing I knew I was waking up...I had fallen asleep and slept hard.
I have never felt so relaxed in my life.
When I woke up I could barely see the chairs on the beach. They were just tiny dots.
I didn't even care. I was just so happy and never wanted to leave.
Obviously, I made it back to shore in one piece and found Brandon napping in his beach chair under the umbrella.
Brandon grew up on Lake Lanier and has always loved to water ski.
He is crazy about it!
Much to his excitement, there is a ski school/course in Santa Rosa, just a few miles from where we were staying.
It's the Cory Pickos Water Ski and Wakeboard School and Brandon paid for a certain amount of time to ski and get some coaching.
He went first thing in the morning a few different days.
He learned a good but and they were really quite helpful with making suggestions that he was able to apply for instant results.
I will live at the beach...someday.


  1. What fun. You are both adorable. And girlfriend, you are rocking that tan and those bikinis!

  2. I agree with LKJ (Lauren)! You have a great tan. Great times on the beach.

  3. we tried out the paddle board while on our honeymoon, I loved it! your right its a complete leg and core workout. the beach has to be my favorite place as well!

  4. I love the beach.. Without a doubt I spend my day on the beach & in that water not off doing other things.. Looks like you two had tons of fun :)


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