UGA vs. North Texas

Because we own a one doctor practice and we're open every single Saturday, we typically work on the days we have home games.
It takes about an hour and a half to get from our clinic to campus and parked, which really isn't bad at all.
We don't get to spend as much time tailgating as we'd like to, but we are just thankful we live close enough that we can work and still make it to the games.
 We usually have one rainy game a season, and since this one happened early we are hoping there won't be anymore this year.
Thankfully, our seats are Lower Club, which means we are completely covered and tucked in, so it's much more tolerable than if you were just sitting our in the regular seats exposed and wearing a poncho.
 I am so glad I decided to wear my hair up, because as dry as we stayed during the game it was short-lived.
The bottom fell out on our way back to the car and we were soaked from head to toe!
You can see how many people left early or didn't even come at all.
It;s sad to see so many open seats during a game, but I guess since we weren't playing a major team and the weather was awful people just decided to watch the game indoors via television.
 We still had a great time as always. Me and my honey sure do love football!
 Great win, Dawgs!

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