UGA at Clemson

Every year time seems to pass a little more quickly than the year before, and while I'd love to say that we were eagerly counting down the days for college football to officially kick-off again, it snuck up on us.
There was no countdown, well, until the week before.
As much as I love college football, I love summer more.
So, college football is bittersweet for me because I just am never really ready to say goodbye to summer.
Although, my love of football makes the transition a little easier than it would be if I had nothing to look forward to.
I digress.

Anyhow, we have had Labor Day weekend planned out almost a year in advance.
Some of our very best friends, Andrew and Rebekah, live in the Upstate of South Carolina and welcomed their very first baby on her due date, which was August 25.
We planned to drive up and spend the weekend with them and visit our newest niece.
Andrew and Brandon were in the same vet school class, so Andrew and Rebekah have made their appearance on this blog on several occasions. 
Andrew earned his undergraduate degree from Clemson before attending vet school at UGA.
He is a Tiger at heart.
We left Middle Georgia on Friday after lunch and made the drive up to South Carolina.
Andrew was able to get away for the day and go to the Clemson campus for tailgating.
The UGA vet school and the Clemson College of Agriculture/Animal Science joined together for a really nice tailgate for the alumni of the colleges.
We stopped at Mac's, which is a famous little diner a few minutes down the road from the campus, and got milkshakes and slaw dogs.
We had so much fun walking around campus and seeing all the tailgates.
Clemson is such a beautiful place and folks are really nice.
There were no cross words or inappropriate behavior that we witnessed that afternoon.
We've been to Clemson games in the past with Andrew, so we knew what to expect.
It's a great place to tailgate and watch a game!
This is the aftermath of ESPN Gameday.
The place was trashed, just like it was in Athens in 2008 when we played Alabama. 
There were about 275,000 people on Clemson's campus that day.
The weather was really hot, humid and sunny, then it started to rain and cool off.
The rain put a damper on my hair, but it was all good and so worth it just to cool off.
True, lifelong friends.
We stopped by another tailgate to see one of Brandon's best childhood friends, George and his girlfriend, Carey.
This was the tailgate for the alumni.
We were so thankful for the large tents!
My love and me.
Poor Brandon looks stressed here. I think he's talking about his practice ownership life to Lindsey, who is a Clemson/UGA vet med alumni.
We got to visit with some classmates and friends, who we dearly miss.
Our view from the tailgate.
Our friends Heather and Daniel have 4 awesome children, and this is their youngest Selah Faith. 
She is a little miracle and the cutest thing ever!
4 close friends and veterinarians: Brandon and Andrew (class of 2010), Reid ( of Gaffney, SC, class of 2011), and Daniel (of Waycross, GA, class of 2012).
Reid and Daniel work for Andrew at his practice in Simpsonville, SC, Verdin Veterinary Services.
The wives, minus Rebekah who was home with the new baby: Heather (wife of Daniel), Lindsey (an equine practitioner in Anderson, SC and wife of Reid, class of 2011), and me. 
What a great day of fun and friends.
We decided to go back to Andrew's family's home and watch the game on tv with all of our friends so that Andrew could be with his new baby and all the kids could play.
Watching the game on tv was painful enough, I'm sort of glad we didn't stay considering it would have been after 2am by the time we got back to Andrew's house.
Praying we can beat South Carolina next week!
If we have to lose to a team from South Carolina, we'd rather it be Clemson than USC.


  1. You look adorable in all of these pictures (how on earth do you look flawless even in that type of humidity!?) I am loving that red clutch...so cute for gamedays!

  2. Ya'll have the MOST fun!!!! And I love how you always wear UGA colors to the game. You. Are. Adorable.

  3. It looks like you had tons of fun! I love the dress on you pretty girl.. & I love the photos of you & Brandon together!


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