Summertime with Kids

I've enjoyed spending some time with our Godchildren over the summer while they were out of school.
I am so thankful that I am able to go and visit with them as often as I do.
They are all growing so fast, especially little Ellie.
These pictures were taken at Sam's last swim lessons for the summer.
Charlie is a first grader this year! Where does the time go?
Such a big and fearless boy! I'm so proud of him!
With my sweet girl-I just cannot get enough of her. I think I kiss her to death, but she doesn't seem to mind.
The boys sharing a Popsicle.
The boys have wonderful imaginations and love playing in costumes, which is so much fun!
I am thankful for these fleeting moments of the splendor of childhood.


  1. Cherish~
    It seems like forever since I've emailed you! You are in my prayers daily!! You are natural with kids!!! Can't wait for your day to come SOON! Is the black,green,turquoise, and blue dress for sale still? I was thinking of putting a 3/4 length black shirt and a layered black skirt!!Just let me know.
    Love and Prayers your way

  2. They are soo cute Cherish. Glad you've been able to spend time with them


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