St. Joseph on Lake Michigan

On Sunday we spent the day at St. Joseph, Michigan, which is a darling town on the shore of Lake Michigan.
It was overcast, windy, and cool. It almost made me forget it was late July.
We walked around the downtown and went in the cutest little shops.
I told my dad that he has too many stallions in the barn. This picture confirms it.
Ethan is 15, Jacob is 14 and Samuel is 12. My, oh my.
I did enjoy a slice of this delicious cheesecake. It was worth every calorie.
Ethan was a typical 15 year old, meaning he wasn't big on hugs and kisses from Tiffany and me.
But, we made it our mission for the week to break his cold little heart into a million pieces, then warm it all up again.
These two were more loving and cooperative for the camera.
We had lunch at the Chocolate Cafe and it was so good!
Jacob and Samuel.
Lake Michigan looks very similar to the Atlantic Ocean to me.
The setting was the perfect place for family photos.
I am the oldest of 5: Tiffany, Ethan, Samuel, Jacob and me.
With our dad.
My dad with all of his offspring.
My soul sister.
Of course I had to put my feet in the water. It was cold!!
That evening we came back home and cooked dinner together.
Tiffany and Ethan were serious about slicing the tomatoes! I love this picture of them!
Lake Michigan was beautiful and St. Joseph was such a cute town to visit.


  1. So fun! We love St. Joe! I also really love Lake Michigan and appreciate that I can close my eyes and pretend it's the ocean even when I am so far away from the East coast!

  2. What great pictures--that looks like SUCH a fun place!


  3. What a wonderful trip! And you are so gorgeous! I'm loving your outfit!

  4. Lake Michigan does look similar to the Atlantic! I live on the East Coast, and I couldn't imagine not living close to some body of water. It's so relaxing to just sit and watch for even a few moments!

  5. St. Joseph is only about 1 1/2 hrs from where I grew up in Indiana. I understand what you mean about being landlocked, but when you grow up there, you don't even realize it. Glad you had this opportunity for some healing.

  6. What a wonderful little trip that you was able to enjoy!


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