Southern Living Idea House 2013 at Fontanel, Nashville, TN

I love, love, love going to look at the Southern Living Idea Houses!
Last year the house was in Senoia, Georgia, which is about a 45 minute drive from where we live, and it was fabulous!
You can read my posts and see pictures of that house here and here.
I knew this year's house would be gorgeous, too, so when my sister and I went to visit our dad we stopped to check it out on the way.
The whole set up is much like a little village.
There are guest houses that basically connect to the main house, and porches galore.
I'm not going to do much commenting so that the dozens of pictures can speak for themselves.
Keep in mind that there were people everywhere, so trying to take photos without said people in the background was quite tricky, hence the reason some of the angles are off and are crooked.
I tried! Enjoy!
Guest House #1
Garage/Guest House #2
Front Porch Main House
Great Room Main House
Kitchen Main House
Laundry Room Main House
Dining Room Main House
Mudroom Main House
Bathroom Main House
Master Bedroom Main House
Master Bathroom Main House
Study/Library Main House
Back Porch Main House
Back View of Main House
Front Porch
View of Guest Houses
Porches on Guest Houses
Guest Houses #3&4

As you can see every detail of every single thing was perfect!
From the landscaping to the linens, Southern Living's design team hit another home run with the 2013 Idea House.
We walked around Fontanel and ate lunch at a cute little restaurant on the grounds.
I can't even recall the name of it, but it's the only restaurant there.
We were starving and decided to give it a try.
Y'all, it was delish!
The salads we ordered we divine!
If you haven't already, make your plans to visit the 2013 Southern Living Idea House at Fontanel.
It is little northwest of Nashville, so plan on spending most of an afternoon there.
I imagine fall is a great time to visit, as well as Christmas.
Way to go Southern Living!! We loved it!


  1. Be. Still. My. Heart.. What an amazing place, your eyes must have popped right out your head! Thanks for sharing all those lovely photos (that I will be staring at all day long!).

  2. Pure Southern perfection!! LOVE LOVE LOVE! Especially the little doggie house on the porch :)

  3. For the love of all that is Holy, could this be any more beautiful?? I love it!!

  4. Gorgeous! Thank you for sharing these!!!

  5. Oh my goodness! The things I would do to live in that amazing house!

  6. Some parts of the house I love & some I do not love! However, all together I think its a cute little house.. I am glad you all enjoyed visiting the grounds & looking around :)

  7. I am so excited to see that house in January. Maybe I can convince someone to let me live in a guest house!

  8. Patio furniture is really cute!

  9. Hey pretty girl! I LOVE your blog and find you so inspirational and full of life! I just participated in The Versatile Blogger award and nominated you because I feel you deserve it :) Check out my blog to see the post I wrote and more details of the nomination! xoxo


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