Shipshewana, Middlebury and Corn Fields

My dad lives in Middlebury, which is 7 miles from Shipshewana, Indiana.
Shipshewana is a popular Amish town known for their antiques, shopping and local fresh bakeries and food.
We had breakfast at a local favorite, called the Rise N' Roll.
Oh. My. Word.
I would be as big as a Buick if this was close to me.
I have to say that Amish donuts are the best in the world. Period. End of story. I will never ever be tempted by a hot sign at Krispy Kreme ever again. Well, truth be told I've never been tempted by the hot sign as I am not normally a donut kind of girl, but those donuts were a game changer for me. Nothing compares. 
We spent an afternoon there walking around, shopping and having lunch.
Ethan, Samual and I had fun playing dress up in one of the stores.
  I have to say, the entire area we visited was so clean, so well kept, and full of beautiful farms, flowers and landscaping.
It was very apparent that people take pride in their home and their property an I wish more folks down South would do the same.
The farms were absolutely beautiful.
Our brothers thought they were being cute and sneaky taking our picture through the kitchen window.
Siblings...nothing better in the world than siblings.
Finally a picture with Lambert's full head. She is the trusty old family dog, a black Lab.
Funny faces...Jacob didn't get the memo.
Remember how I talked about Ethan being less than thrilled with being hugged and kissed?
Well, by the end of the week we broke him!
I love it!!! When we left, guess who gave the biggest hug of all? Ethan.
Our last night there we had dinner at The Vine in downtown Elkhart.
The next morning we said our goodbyes with tears in our eyes and hit the road to head back South.
We made another pit stop in Shipshewana again to pick up a few more goodies.
Tiffany purchased this amazing chandelier for her salon!
It's perfect for her and I can't wait to see it hanging in person.
We couldn't leave Indiana without getting in the corn for some pictures.
Our trusty rental car, a 2014 Chevy Impala. I was a little nervous since it was brand spanking new, but we made it without any issues!
We had a wonderful visit, but are happy to be heading south again.
Next stop: Knoxville, Tennessee to visit our grandparents and family.

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  1. That chandelier is awesome...almost as perfect looking as those donuts!!! YUM!


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