Miss Baylis Mills Verdin

Andrew and Rebekah welcomed their first new baby, a beautiful girl, into the world on her due date, August 25.
Her name is Baylis Mills Verdin, which is derived from a combination of their grandparents' names.
She is tiny, weighed 7lbs. 2 oz. and was 19" long.
They chose not to find out her gender and so she was a little surprise!
When we arrived at the Verdin residence on Friday evening we were graciously welcomed at the door by a sweet, new, precious and pink bundle of joy!
Rebekah was such a sweet friend to immediately offer to let "Aunt Cherish" hold baby Baylis.
I cried.
She is just so perfect and my heart is so overjoyed for our friends that I couldn't contain my tears.
I always tell Brandon to enjoy holding these tiny babies because chances are, if we ever do have a baby, it will not be tiny considering we were both 9+ lbs. and 21.5" long.
We are tall people!

I mean, look at her perfectly plump lips and cute little nose!
Sunday morning we were up early and ready to go to church.
Baylis was exactly one week old when she made her church debut.
I was elated that she wore her outfit that we gave her!
I just couldn't resist and beautiful pink smocked dress and bloomers with bows and booties!
Uncle Brandon had the honor of carrying Baylis into the sanctuary for the first time.
What a doll! She was so sweet and kept holding my fingers.
The proud parents and big sister Leah.
The look so happy and at peace.
Leah kept posing for the camera, and she is quite photogenic.
I just have to brag on these two as parents.
They are incredible already.
I get choked up just thinking about how wonderful they truly are.
It is as if they've always had a baby and they are so laid back and at ease.
They generously share her with others, letting people hold her and love on her.
They aren't afraid of germs and they aren't keeping her in a cocoon-a true veterinarian mentality!
Andrew is the most wonderful daddy. 
He is so in tune to her needs and he just adores her.
He willingly gets up and feeds her and changes her diaper, plus he is the master swaddler.
We spent most of the weekend visiting with Andrew's family.
His parents have a beautiful quintessential southern home.
They are constantly entertaining and serving others.
The men wear bowties and seersucker while the ladies wear hats and hospitality.
I love being at his parent's house because they always make you feel so welcome and at home.
Andrew's dad, Dr. D.B. Verdin, is a veterinarian and is very happy to be retired since his son has taken over his practice.
Byron and Eloise with their 12th grandchild.
Andrew's beautiful younger sister, Virginia, has 3 children and her youngest was 16 weeks old at the time of our visit.
This is Eloise holding Baylis and Audrey.
Andrew also has an older brother and sister, who each have 4 children.
Virginia and Baylis.
Me and Baylis in her pretty outfit.
The four youngest granchildren: Aveleigh, Tristan, Baylis and Audrey.
The long weekend away with our friends was just what we needed.
The best part about our friendships with all we visited is our common love for Christ and our desire to live and operate our businesses in a way that honors Him.
It is so wonderful to have friends in Christ with whom you can share your lives with.
We are truly blessed and wish that we didn't live 3.5 hours away.
Until next time, we'll miss the Verdin family!


  1. Beautiful home! Looks like a fun trip; so funny to hear you mention Anderson. My husband and I lived there for a few years before we moved to my home of Louisiana, and I love to see you mention cajun food. Then we moved to Birmingham! I like your references bc I'm able to keep up with your travels and interests!

  2. That little scrunched up nose is so precious. I couldn't tell you how many dresses like that my mother made me as baby/kid. Good to see such strong friendships!

  3. I just love babies for so many reasons but mostly I think because they're a reminder of God's constant masterful work and profound love he shares with us!

    Thanks for sharing the joyful blessings in your life, it's very uplifting!


  4. I am loving all the sweet photos! I love her name its so cute just as adorable as she is... I am glad you & Brandon was able to enjoy some time with that sweetie pie! & Leah oh goodness how I want her...

  5. Her name is too adorable and so is she. What a beautiful family! These photos are wonderful!


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