Indiana By Way of Nashville and Sibi

On our way to visit our dad, we mapped out our drive and decided to go through Nashville on the way and through Knoxville on our way home.
Our grandparents (my dad's parents) live in Knoxville, that's where my dad is from, so we knew we wanted to go through there for sure, but we also wanted to see different places as well.
We decided to go through Nashville on our way and I texted my sweet friend, Sibi, from Pearls and Grace.
She is the incredible hostess of The Pearl Event and she has been a tremendous blessing in my life and I am so honored to call her my friend, though she is so much more.
She is a mentor, and example, a true beacon of light for the Kingdom.
The stars aligned and her sweet husband was such a dear and let her come out and have dinner with us on a late Wednesday night in downtown Nashville.
Before we met Sibi, my sister had one request and that was to go to the Aquarium restaurant for appetizers and a drink.
If there is anything you should know about my sister it's that she has a child like love for ocean life.
She is scuba certified, goes on diving trips, and spent her childhood saying she wanted to be a whale trainer/marine biologist.
She is a very successful hair stylist and salon owner, but she still loves the water.
She will be living out a life-long dream next September when she and her husband will travel to South Africa so that she can dive with sharks.
I love ocean life, too, so I could not deny her this trip to the Aquarium restaurant.
Tiffany happy as a clam in her element.
Our appetizer platter...I'm so glad we didn't have dinner plans her because the food quality wasn't too exceptional.
The bottom line here is that you are paying for the atmosphere, but it was worth it for Tiffany to get to experience it.
After the Aquarium we raced downtown to meet Sibi at The Southern, which is a fabulous restaurant with a great atmosphere.
I know that the food was delicious, but have you ever been so into the company and conversation that the meal seemed to take the back seat?
That's sort of how I felt that night.
There is just something about being reunited with someone special that takes precedence over everything else.
Is Sibi not just beautiful? She is stunning-inside and out. She always has a glow on her face that is very real and pure.
I know Eric, her amazing husband, agrees that she can surely take your breath away.
We had great conversation about family, faith, The Pearl Event, and the blessings in our lives.
Though our visit was short, it was ever so sweet and it truly meant the world to me that she would even want to take the time out of her busy life to meet little old me for dinner.
I was humbled and honored.
Thank you, Sibi! I love you so dearly.
The next morning we shopped a little in Nashville, toured the 2014 Southern Living Idea House (I will write an entire post dedicated to this) in Fontanel, hit the highway and cruised through downtown Bowling Green, KY, before arriving in Middlebury, IN at 1:30AM.
What. A. Drive.
{images of downtown Bowling Green, KY-darling little town}

The trip was off to a great start, however the farther North I drove, the more it was confirmed to me that I could never live so land-locked.
It was a strange feeling. I suppose some people that live in land-pocked areas may feel exposed and frightened of living near the coast like we do.
Well, we are now 2.5 hrs form the coast, but we used to live much closer.
It's funny the things you get used to and the way you adapt-or the way you don't.
{I couldn't resist getting a picture of this car. Do you reckon they are getting all the radio signals they are reaching for? That little car was covered in antennas.}
Upon our arrival our brothers were gathered at the front door watching and waiting for us.
Tiffany and I were teary-eyed as we saw there faces looking through the glass of the front door.
More than four years had passed since we had seen their faces.
They woke up dad and Sarah and everyone came to give hugs, greet us and help us unload our luggage.
It was very surreal and many emotions were flowing, but there was a peace. 


  1. I'm loving following your journey to see your dad, brothers, & step mom! How awesome that you traveled through Bowling Green! That is about 1 hour from me and it's the closest BIG city to me, love it there!!

  2. When I saw on Innstagram your travel plans I was excited to see Bowling Green and Lexington on the list. I grew up in Lexington, but now I live in Bowling Green! I loved seeing your shout out...thanks!

  3. I do agree the atmosphere is what you pay for at the Aquarium! I did not enjoy the food there very much at all either when I first had eaten there.. Glad you all enjoyed each other's company :)


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