Ellerslie Visit

On our way home from the beach we drive right through Ellerslie, which is where our Godchildren live, so we just had to stop by for a super quick visit and some hugs and kisses!
 Charlie was asleep and not feeling good, so we missed seeing him.
Sam had just woken up from his nap, so he wasn't quite with the program yet.
 Sweet Ellie Anna-love her so much!
 Getting some love from Uncle Brandon.
 Sam rolled out of his bed and headed out to the yard to play with the dogs and water his freshly planted tree.
 Country life-nothing like it!
 The visit was short and sweet, but I've already planned to come back in the next week or so.
 I'm thankful to live so close!
I came back to visit for several days the very next week!
Meg had some major Junior League commitments this week, and as a fellow Junior Leaguer I completely understand and was more than happy to keep her kids for her.
 Morning duty so their mommy could have a little break!
Ellie loves to swing!
 I love, love, love to dress baby girls, so I always play dress up with Ellie when I'm keeping her.
 Charlie loves toplay outside when he gets home from school.
 This cutie pie loves to frop his drawers and tinkle outside in the yard.
Bless his heart, he couldn't get his shorts back up and properly adjusted.
 Yep-Go Dawgs! Future Bulldog heartbreaker right here!
So proud of his finished product!
I love these sweet babies and the time I get to spend with them!


  1. So sweet! You two are naturals with the kiddos!

  2. So very sweet... You are so great with them sweet girl & Brandon too of course :) I am so happy that you was able to spend time with them!


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