30A Sunsets

We love to stay at the beach all day and then come in and clean up in time to get back out to the beach for sunset pictures every day.
No matter what, each sunset is unique and I don't want to miss one if I can help it.
 Of course, I think my husband is super handsome so I enjoy photographing him when I can...or when he lets me.
  On our last night we had dinner at V in Seagrove.
The atmosphere was awesome-sort of comparable to a smaller scale Caliza (in Alys Beach).
The food was incredible, too!
We dined al fresco and talked about our dreams of moving to this area someday and tried not to let the sadness of it being our last night spoil the mood.
 This is a random photo of my favorite ring -other than my wedding rings, of course.
I thought this was a super cute photo of the Market Cafe, which we also love for lunch. 
It happens to be located behind V, so we walked past it on our way to the car.
This was seriously the best vacation ever...for the first time since our honeymoon 7 years earlier it was just the two of us for a whole week.
It was wonderful. We are looking forward to the next time!

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