Checking In...If Anyone is Still There

Hey everyone!
I wanted to drop in and give a quick update. 
First of all, I want to thank each one of you sweet souls who have taken the time to reach out to me through comments or email to check in on us!
I'm so sorry that I have caused some of you to worry! 
We are alive and well, we've just had so much going on over the past month, and I hope to share it all with you very soon. 
No, I haven't been in hiding because we're expecting a baby...no baby yet.
All things in His timing...

If you follow me on Instagram, you may know some of what we've been up to.
Just in case you don't, I'll give a very brief overview.
My sister and I took a road trip to Northern Indiana to visit our Dad. He moved up there 4 years ago.
Some of you may know that our relationship has been very much a rollercoaster my entire life. 
I've been through 2 different 4+ year stints of having little to no contact with him.
All these years I have prayed that God would restore our relationship if it is His will, and if so, to prepare our hearts for the restoration. 
I felt Him promtping me to act at the beginning of the year, so did my sister, and so we reached out.
Our trip was really and truly wonderful. Such a blessing. I can't wait to share with you all my thoughts and insight on being in the waiting room for years for a relationship to be restored with a parent.
All things in His timing...

We've also been continuing our home and veterinary practice renovations, which are coming along nicely.

Our most recent situation is dealing with the passing of Brandon's paternal grandmother.
She fought a long battle with Alzheimer's and we are thankful the Lord called her home quietly in her sleep and has breathed new life into her and gave her her wings. 
I am jealous of what she is experiencing up there and my heart is at peace knowing she is no longer suffering and that she is restored. 
Our heart is aching for Brandon's Grandad as they have been married almost 70 years and he has never really known a life without her. 
Their love and commitment to one another has been a testament to true love and we are so blessed by their example.
Her viewing is tomorrow and her service is on Thursday. 
I am trying to prepare a slideshow right now and I am picking up Brandon's older brother, Russell, at the airport tonight as he is flying in from his home in Vancouver, BC. 
Despite the circumstances, we are thankful to be with all of the family during this time.
All things in His timing...

Be back soon. Love you all.
Love on each other.


  1. I have had you on my heart for about 2 weeks and understand why-now. God is so good and faithful! So thankful we don't have to bear our burdens alone but God has blessed us with others around us to help bear the burdens! Will continue to keep you, Brandon , and his family in prayer thru this difficult time. God bless you all with added strength. Embrace the sweet memories and treasure them!
    Love ya
    Jamie www.penningtontree.blogspot.com

  2. I am praying for your family and Brandon's. I recently lost my grandmother to cancer and I know how hard it can be watching someone suffer. They are now living in such a glorious place and are in God's hands now. They are pain free and living an amazing life in heaven I am sure of it. We will get to see them again one day and what a day it will be! Praying for each of you.

    With Love,

  3. When my grandmother passed from alzheimer's, we rejoiced too. Glad yall are well; I enjoy your posts...

  4. Oh, Cherish. So sorry to her about Brandon's grandmother, although like you say, it really is a good thing for her to be in Heaven now! I am so glad that you reached out to your father. I look forward to hearing all about it!


  5. Always thinking of you and praying for sweet girl. Extra prayers for your renewed relationship with your Dad and condolences to the whole family about Brandon's grandmother. Such a sad but happy time too x

  6. Praying for you and Brandon during this difficult time.

    Look forward to hearing your story of healing with your dad.

  7. So sorry to hear about the passing of his Grandma, sending prayers up for y'all. Glad that you had a great visit with your dad and that you had a fun mini road trip. Btw, I am loving your instagram pics with your new guns! Is the pink and black one a Ruger?

  8. So glad you're back - I have missed you!!! Glad you had a great trip to see your dad - I can completely understand that situation and one day will share with you. So sorry about Brandon's grandmother. Will pray for ya'll and especially his granddad. I have seen the sweet pictures on here and I know that must be very hard for him.

  9. You & Brandon along with his family are in my thoughts & prayers sweet girl! I am glad she no longer is suffering but I know she is deeply missed here on earth by family & friends however its nice to know that once again someday you all can see each other again! I am glad you & your sister was able to visit your father & it actually be a good visit :)

  10. So glad you checked in! I've checked in here several times too! I'm glad you were able to take some time off & spend time with family. I'm sorry about Brandon's grandmother but I'm happy she's home!

  11. I miss your updates! Esp. the posts where you show your pretty house & place setting! They are both lovely and I enjoy looking at it.

  12. Cherish, I am so sorry to hear about Brandon's grandmother passing- I've been thinking about you all, and will be praying for the family, especially Brandon's grandad!

  13. I'm very sorry to hear about Brandon's grandmother, I know its incredibly hard on your family. We also recently lost my Brandon's father so our thoughts and prayers are with you both! But its good to see you back and cannot wait for you to get back with blogging!


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