Elaine's Wedding

Saturday, our dear friend Elaine got married in Appling, GA, which is just west of Augusta.
It was a beautiful day, in a beautiful church, and was a beautiful ceremony.
One of the sweetest ceremonies I've seen.
Elaine had the wedding shower at Canoe on the Chattahoochee a month ago-some of you may remember.
Elaine was in Brandon's vet school class and we served on 3 missions trips together.
This girl has probably the sweetest and purest heart of anyone I know.
 The ceremony pictures that I have were taken with my phone because I didn't realize that I didn't have my memory card in my big camera. :(
Elaine was exquisite. Her dress was beaded and lace and so classic, most importantly, it suited her perfectly.
She was radiant!
 Vet school friends: Dr. Andrew and Rebekah (and baby) Verdin, Drs. Billy and Lee Myers-our Christian Veterinary Fellowship mentors, and us!
 A sister in Christ, a true friend, and kindred spirit...that's what Elaine is to me.
I'm also thrilled that she took a new job at a new practice recently and is now only an hour away from us in Milledgeville!
If you live in Milledgeville, GA, and you need a veterinarian, Dr. Elaine Davis Allen is your person.
She is wonderful and she works at Heart of Georgia Animal Care!
 Me and my love!
 Dr. Vans Kinsey and Dr. Erin Ford cutting and serving the grooms cake, also class of 2010 grads!
 Elaine's husband, J.D., is a police officer, so this was such a cute idea for the cake!
 Dr. Kathleen Byrnes, class of 2010 grad, serving the wedding cake.
 Erin, Vans and Kathleen
 Rebekah and Andrew Verdin-baby due in 8 weeks and the gender will be a surprise!
 Andrew and Brandon, best friends.
 Mr. and Dr. J.D. Allen!!
 He scoops up his bride...
and we pray God will bless their marriage and that it will be fruitful and that they will live Happily Ever After!
We love y'all!


  1. Beautiful wedding! Lots of luck and well wishes to the newlyweds!

  2. What a sweet wedding! I love your dress!

    1. It really was! Thank you! It was a Belk clearance find! :) Happy 4th! xoxo

  3. What a sweet couple:) Loved her pink flats she wore to exit and especially <3ed that her groom scooped her up:) May they live happily ever after!

    1. Thank you for your sweet sentiments, Brookley! They will mean a lot to Elaine! :) Happy 4th! xoxo

  4. So wonderful to have such a special sister in Christ! I know the Lord will bless both of you as you both seem to have such sweet spirits! You looked so beautiful and I love how you use your blog to talk about Jesus! I'm praying it plants seeds to your readers who may not know Him!! Bless you for being you!!!

    1. She is such a treasure! Thank you so much-you have truly made my week! Thank you for the encouragement, really and truly. You are precious, Brooke! :) Happy 4th! xoxo


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