Coastal Tablescape & Foyer

After the 4th of July I switched up our dining room tablescape for the duration of the summer. 
Now that it's after Labor Day, I am finally posting them!
I am backdating these posts for my own personal record.
 I love using natural elements no matter what I'm decorating.
 This is the foyer. We still have to put up the wainscoting in this room, but it will happen in time.
Happy Summer!


  1. LOVE LOVE LOVE this! Your home could seriously be photographed for Southern Living, or Coastal Living!!!!

  2. where did you find the dresser?? Its gorgeous :)

    1. Thank you!! At Rooms To Go Outlet for $99! It was part of the Cindy Crawford line that has unfortunately been discontinued. I would love to have gotten more pieces.

    2. Wow !!!!!!!!!!! You are soo soo lucky! Its beautiful & the price is amazing! ;) let me know if you want to sell it lol

  3. I love the wreath hanging on the mirror...did you make this?


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