Athens Anniversary

Our anniversary fell on a Monday this year, so we celebrated the Saturday and Sunday before.
This time of year is the busiest for veterinary practices, so taking off work to go anywhere is impossible when you own a solo doctor practice.
We are planning on taking a real vacation in September, Lord willing, but to make our day special we headed up to Athens after work on Saturday to spend the rest of the weekend.
It's a little over an hour from us, so it's a great little getaway.
 We stayed at Hotel Indigo, which was very cool, and we took Sanford with us because it's pet friendly!
 We ate at Square One, which has been in Athens for several years, but we just never tried it when we lived there for some reason.
Athens has a tremendous amount of local, delicious restaurants so it's always hard to choose which ones to eat at.
 The food was pretty good, but the dessert was seriously the worst we have ever had at any restaurant. Period.
I'm glad we tried it, but I'm not sure we would go back considering there are so many other options.
 We walked around downtown and talked and took pictures, which was really relaxing.
 What a downtown Athens Waffle House looks like...pretty neat!
 Sunday morning we enjoyed our awesome breakfast at a local favorite, Mama's Boy.
 Brandon had salmon cakes eggs benedict with hollandaise and a biscuit and gravy.
They were the best salmon cakes we've ever had!
 I had several things, pork taco with eggs-sounds gross, but tasted amazing!
 I also had the half order of the peach french toast-amazing and a ton of food. I have no idea how anyone could eat a full portion. I shared mine with Brandon. I also had 2 poached eggs on the side.
 We didn't eat again until that night-we were so full. 
After breakfast we went to UGA's North Campus and walked around and relaxed. 
We used to do this a lot when we lived in Athens, and sometimes we do it after home football games in the fall. 
It's fun to go back to the place we spent so much time at the beginning of our marriage.
The best part is that it cost us nothing and we made special memories.
 Y'all know I'm a white columns kind of girl, so I'm always so drawn to the buildings on campus at UGA.
 The infamous arch of UGA! 
You aren't supposed to walk under it unless you've graduated or it's bad luck.
It feels great to be able to walk underneath it and have that bond that ties you to all the rest of the UGA graduates that have come before you and those that will in the future as well.
 The view of downtown from the arch.
 The coolest tree ever!
 This is probably my favorite building on campus.
Those columns are to die for.
 Herty Field-this was UGA's first football field!
 Brandon wanted to let Sanford have a little swim in the fountain at Herty Field to cool him down.
 The chapel bell that rings after every UGA victory!
So, it was a wonderful, relaxing, much needed little getaway for us to celebrate our 7th anniversary in the city we met in and fell in love.
Football season will be here before we know it and we'll be back in full force!
**Some of you asked on my Instagram about my clothes.
Seahorse Dress: Target
Pink & Orange One shoulder top: a boutique in Savannah-Mudpie brand.
Pink Wedges: Calypso St. Barth for Target in 2011.


  1. These are great, Cherish! What a fun anniversary. I'm still planning on getting to a UGA game and your pictures make me even more excited about that!!


  2. Looks like such a fun anniversary! UGA's campus is gorgeous!

  3. Awesome little getaway. My daughter went to cheer camp there a couple of years ago and my mom and I dined at The Last Resort Grill - it was yummy.

  4. Beautiful pictures, it looks like you had a great time. I love UGA and how it is steeped in so much tradition, so fun!

  5. Fun pictures! UGA's campus is so beautiful!

    FYI though, it's just The Arch :)

  6. Seth and I celebrated our anniversary this weekend as well. It's so important to get away and spend one on one time together! Happy 7th Anniversary!

  7. What a beautiful campus and town!! I have never been to Athens but your pics def make me want to! Happy you and Brandon had a wonderful weekend getaway! Wish you many more happy years together! ...and Thanks for scoop on your cute clothes! Love the Seahorse dress;)

  8. Happy Anniversary! What a fun trip. The campus is BEAUTIFUL! I'm glad y'all were able to escape for a few days. I can't imagine how stressful it would be to run your own business. Hopefully y'all were able to rest & relax!

  9. These pictures are all beautiful. I am dying over Sanford's little bow-tie. I need to get one for Louie now. Where did you find it?

  10. Just found your blog!! I'm a Southern gal myself, from NC! You two are too cute!!

  11. I'll have to check out those places in Athens. Looks like y'all had a fantastic time!

  12. Ahh, my hometown. I love seeing your view of it. I spent many childhood summer days playing on the campus and love to go back for football games. Go Dawgs!

  13. Happy belated Anniversary! I have been a silent reader for a long time. This is my first comment. Love your blog and the fun pictures you post. I was wondering if I may ask you a vet question please. What is a good healthy dry or wet dog food I can feed my 19 lb silky terrier? I have been feeding him Purina Beneful for several years now, and recently saw this dog food on a list as 1 of the top 10 dogs foods that were killing pets. I see it's full of filler products. Now, I'm scared I've been hurting my dog. Any advice would be much appreciated. Thanks so much, Cherish! I want to have a happy healthy pet like your adorable Sanford!

  14. Happy Anniversary Cherish! I love Athens! I was born and raised there! Have y'all eaten downtown at The Grit?? It's one of my faves!

  15. Hi Cherish! I love your blog and have been reading it for quite some time. I'm worried about you due to the lack of updates. Praying everything is alright and that you'll update us soon!

  16. I'm worried too! Praying for you now and hope to see an update soon! Love from Athens, AL

  17. We visit Athens about two times a year and are looking for some cool, and delicious places to eat! What are your favorites?

  18. I love love love all the photos as usual..I am glad you two enjoyed some time away together even an hour away is nice as a get away! Goodness how I miss Georgia...


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