Welcome Home Party for the Miles

Saturday evening we helped host a party for our newlywed friends, Britt and Andrea.
The party was to welcome them home and to have an opportunity to celebrate them with many members of a hometown community that weren't able to be invited due to number restrictions that come with an out of town wedding.
It was a great evening of fellowship, fun and delicious homemade food. 
Around 75 people attended, yet it felt very intimate and special, which was our ultimate goal.
 I printed off some of the pictures I took at the wedding and framed them to sit on the welcome table.
 The Amos's, some of Brandon and Britt's parent's best friends, hosted the party at their home.
Everything was so beautiful and the weather was wonderful.
 I was happy to hang our UGA flag up! The Florida flag was borrowed from someone in town.
 The Amos's have the neatest caboose in their yard that the guys used to all hang out in when they were in high school.
 We had a corn hole tournament later in the night.
 Mrs. Catherine's landscaping and gardens were just beautiful! 
All of the flowers for the fresh arrangements came from her yard.
 The couple of the evening!!
Mr. and Mrs. Britton Miles!
 My job for the evening was to greet all the guests and take a picture of every single guest as they arrived, which was fun because I got to speak to everyone. 
 I have to say that where I was standing during those first two hours greeting everyone was in direct sunlight and I thought I might ignite at one point, but I survived, and it was worth it to get everyone's picture.
 Thank you, Slate, for taking pictures of me and Brandon!
 Brittany and Slate-the party was held at Slate's parent's house.
 Molly and Collin, also newlyweds!
 Candice and Jeremy!
 Lauren and Tim!
 Meghan, Will, and their beautiful new baby girl, Presley!
 Mrs. Boling and Brandon.
 Katie and Jake!
 Andrea's precious parents!
 Brandon's dad cooked his awesome wings! They were so good!
 Dr. John and Mary Helen McGruder.
 Dr. McGruder owns the veterinary practice in Cumming that Brandon worked at during undergrad and he wrote Brandon a recommendation for veterinary school.
He taught Brandon so much and we are both eternally grateful for everything he did to further Brandon's education and career-he helped him make his dream come true!
 Me and Andrea!
 Mrs. Johanne Daigh, one of the hostesses, made all of the beautiful flower arrangements.
 All of the food was homemade by each of the hostesses and everything was divine! 
I brought key lime cupcakes with blackberry buttercrem frosting, and I had a short cry when we got there because they had melted in the truck on the way up to Cumming.
My mother-in-law was such a dear and was able to repair some of them while I was photographing all the guests.
I also made homemade banana pudding and there wasn't a bite left.
 These are all of the hosts!
 We all presented Britt and Andrea with a gift of custom made Atlanta Braves corn hole boards!
 Brittany, Ashton, Tim and Candice!
 Me, Brittany, Ashton, Candice, Kelby and Andrea.
 Ashton and Brandon, who had their first baby 2 weeks ago-a girl named Madeline!
Doesn't Ashton look fabulous!
These three, plus Mrs. Johanne, have been friends for decades and decades.
They are moms of sons, have gone to church together, taken family vacations together, and done life together over the years. 
Ms. Bebe (Britt's mom), Mrs. Donna (Brandon's mom) and Mrs. Catherine (Slate's mom).
What a great party to celebrate Britt and Andrea with the people who have been the heartbeat of Cumming for so many years.
Cheers to everyone!


  1. I think you live in paradise! Great pics. It looked like a lovely post-wedding celebration!

    1. Valerie, you are sweet! We are blessed! Thank you! Have a wonderful day! xoxo

  2. What lucky newlyweds to have a welcome home party. Everyone on the guest list is so attractive, and I love that yard!

    1. Yes! Thank you so much! Their yard really is beautiful! Have a fabulous day! xoxo

  3. You look tanner.. Spray tan or just the sun? I haven't been able to make it to the lake yet and I'm still pale, jelly of you!

    1. Thank you! Both! I go to the pool to read and exercise a few times a week, but I did get a spray tan. I love those! I use the Mystic Tanning booth. Quick and private! :) xoxo

  4. I love all these photos & I especially love those two little flags! My two favorite teams :) whoop whoop! Go Dawgs & Gators... However I must admit when against each other I am all for my sweet Dawgs to win! I am glad you all was able to enjoy the company of each other.


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