Ocoee River Rafting

Our dear friends, Britt and Andrea, got married over the weekend in Andrews, North Carolina, so the family and wedding party met there on Thursday for the festivities to begin.
Friday morning 48 of us went rafting on the Ocoee River out of Ducktown, Tennessee.
We had 6 people per raft and we rafted the Middle Ocoee Section. 
The river was about 3 times the size that it normally is due to all of the heavy rainfall we've had lately. 
The enlarged river meant a swifter current!
 Lauren and Tim-love them!!
 So, if you've never done this sort of thing and you're curious...
First of all, you should totally go for it!
Second, you WILL get soaked and it is very COLD!
That being said, do not wear cotton. Wear dri-fit/work-out clothing and water shoes of some sort. 
 Third, some of you WILL fall out.
Several in our group fell out of other rafts.
Though, our raft was the BOMB and no one did because we had an amazing guide named Avery-ask for him-and he told us exactly what to do.
We followed instructions and had a BLAST!!!
 Lastly, you will feel empowered when it's all said and done.
Seriously, just take a look at our good friend, Tim, riding the bull on the bow of the raft!
I'm so glad he didn't bite his tongue off!
 Now, there were 3 times during the trip that someone had the opportunity to "ride the bull."
Tim and his fabulous trooper of a girlfriend, Lauren, did as well as my daredevil husband!
It is optional, but I admit that I laughed so hard watching Tim.
I saw more of his crack for longer than I ever wanted to, but at least I got an awesome ab workout from all the laughing.
The rapids are no joke and it takes skill to read them and maneuver them, but our guide was very well trained and we learned early on that we could completely trust him.
 Our raft paddled as a team and everything went well.
 At one point Brandon announced that he was "so glad we didn't have any weenies on our raft!"
I think we all got a good laugh out of that statement.
 Clearly, all of these pictures were taken by the rafting company's photographer at one section of the river and the disc of the images was available for purchase for $40 at the end of the trip.
We bought the disc and split the cost and emailed the images to other members, so it wasn't bad at all.
Some people took along water cameras, but honestly, I don't know how they had time to take any pictures.
Maybe that's why some of them fell out, now that I think about it.
Seriously, you have to focus!
The surrounding scenery was beautiful and I wish I could have taken pictures, but for once it was nice to just take it all in and be fully present rather than behind the lens.
Really and truly, this experience was epic!
We laughed hysterically the entire trip.
We got to jump off and swim and enjoy the great outdoors.
If you ever get the opportunity to raft the Ocoee, you really should.
We all lived to tell about it!


  1. AH! This looks amazing! I'm going with the urban youth kids I work with towards the end of the summer, as well as with my college ministry and I can't wait to see how both groups react. It looks like so much fun!

    1. How exciting!! I hope they love it!! I was ready to go again when it was all over, believe it or not! Have a blast! :) xoxo

  2. I am glad you all had a great time! I have did white water rafting several times & loved every single minute of it :)

  3. Wow what a cool bride would let her Husband to be and 48 of their bests friends go white water rafting just 24 hours before they had to do the most important walk of their life!!! hahah! ;) This was so fun to read!!!! <3 it!!!!!!!! Thats for documenting!!! xoxo -Mrs. Miles!!!

    1. YOU, of course!!! You are awesome!! Thanks for letting us all enjoy it!! :) I'm just sorry there weren't enough Tim's to put on everyone's raft. He is hilarious!! :) xoxoxo


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