Miles Rehearsal Dinner at Hawkesdene

The wedding festivities and accommodations for the family and wedding party were held at Hawkesdene in Andrews, North Carolina.
The venue was incredible!
Britt and Andrea chose the perfect venue for their taste and desires for their special occasion.
The main house was the perfect mix of modern meets classic tied in with a delicate balance of masculinity and femininity. 
Glazed stone floors flowed into wide planked hardwood floors.
Exposed beams stretched across an open great room and grand piano.
Massive silver candelabras towered over a vast dining room table and dough bowl.
There were so many unique spaces to sit and relax, read, or take in the lush green views of the mountainside.
The food service was outstanding with fresh ingredients and gourmet recipes.
Honestly, I could go on for days. 
 Our room was amazing!
 Ms. Bebe, the mother of the groom and a woman after my own heart...seriously, I love this woman more than words. She has blessed me more than she realizes over the years and I am thankful for her.
Mrs. Sally, the beautiful and talented mother of the bride was is so sweet and precious and it was such a pleasure getting to know her.
 This is where the rehearsal dinner took place.
It was a fabulous atmosphere.
 The Menu:
 Britt asking the blessing...normally my head would be bowed, but I could not resist capturing such a sweet moment for this couple and family.
 All of the food was prepared on site and it was divine!
 Those brownies were out of this world. I could have eaten the entire plate, but I showed restraint.
 Britt's sweet Nana, Ms. Bebe's mother. She is a gem and a true Southern belle from Augusta.
 My handsome date and me.
 Lauren and Tim
 Mary, me and Lauren
 Britt, John and Brandon
 The groom and his groomsmen: Tim, Trent (the groom's brother and Best Man), Britt, John, Brandon and Jake.
 The beautiful bride and groom! Loved her dress!
 These two have been best friends pretty much since they could crawl.
 I love Andrea and I am so happy that she and Britt found each other! 
She is just fabulous all the way around!
  A group picture of most of the girls plus Britt at the end of a wonderful evening with great friends, food and company.
We all cleaned up fairly well after our white water rafting adventure earlier in the day!
The day could not have been any better or more special.


  1. My boyfriend is from Murphy, NC (right beside Andrews) so we are up in that area ALL of the time... We're going to have to do some exploring because this place looks amazing!
    We were actually just up near Ocoee and Ducktown the weekend before last to see his brother in TN and I was telling him that I want to raft the Ocoee SO bad! I loved your post about it :)
    Happy Tuesday, pretty lady!
    By the way- that black dress is stunning on you!

    1. Julia Rose!! That is awesome, girl!!! Y'all so need to raft the Ocoee!! Thank you so much for your sweet words! Love and hugs!! xoxo

  2. I LOVE all your travel posts! Well, I love them all but I especially love seeing all your wonderful get a ways! You are beautiful in that black dress! What a fun place to get married. And that food? Delicious!!

    BTW-I need some advice on Savannah,GA planning!! My email is katelync@hotmail.com if you have free time to email over the next week or so! Can't wait to read more, as always!

    1. Thank you so much, Katelyn!! I'm so glad you enjoy them!! :) You are so sweet! I would love to give you advice on Savannah!! :) You may have to remind me, though :) Love and hugs!! xoxo

  3. What a beautiful place and what beautiful pictures. Much happiness to the bridal couple!

    1. Thank you, Carol! I know that will mean so much to them! xoxo

  4. What a gorgeous venue! I love the black dress you wore to the rehearsal, and you look SO tan!

    1. Isn't it?!?! Thank you so much!! Spray tan all the way, girl!!! Haha! :) xoxo

  5. That venue is beautiful and looks so peaceful. I have family that are from that area of NC! Do you ever come to Blowing Rock/Boone? That black dress is so pretty on you especially with the lace!! xo

    1. It really was, Nicole! I haven't been to that area in years, but Daniel Boone is actually my 4th great uncle and my 5th great grandfather raised him, so that area is very special to my family! Thank you so much!! :) xoxo

  6. The venue is absolutely beautiful! Your pictures are amazing!

  7. Beautiful! Love your dress! --(from previous post --My family rafted that river several years ago -so...fun!)

  8. What a nice place for a rehearsal dinner! Your dress is so elegant! Where is it from?

  9. LOVE THISSS!!!! I WANT TO KEEP THIS ENTIRE PAGE FOREVER!!!!!! I love the way you write things and put it all together! <3 <3 <3

    1. Yay!! I'm so happy you love it!! :) Thank you!! xoxoxo

  10. How you manage to place all the right photos & words to make something so real & amazing is beyond me! Maybe one day I will get there finger crossed.. I love the little details of the whole entire evening from the place to the treasured monogrammed keepsakes! Goodness how precious & dear those will be..


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