Happy 6th Birthday Charlie!

Tuesday, April 9th, was our oldest Godson's 6th birthday.
He spent several days with us last week since he was on Spring Break.
We played with water guns, planted flowers, watched the Braves, made yummy food and just had a good time together.
He said that he needed a break from his baby brother and sister and didn't want to leave our house.
So, I promised him that I would drive over on his birthday and see him on his special day.
We spent some quality time together after school swinging and playing in the yard.
I can't believe he is already 6!
I can remember his first birthday like it was yesterday. Makes me sad!
 The entire family went and ate Mexican food per his request for supper, then we came home and had cookie cake and cupcakes.
During his spring break he got to take several of his friends in Medieval Times for his birthday party.
I love his face in this picture! 
His hair was crazy because he got to style it in a mohawk for his birthday, but it fell.
He got some new rollerblades!
Sam and Charlie skating together.
Sweet brothers reading before bedtime.
 Of course I got to spend some bonding time with Ellie Anna.
I had baby duty and stayed up with her until 1:30 am.
Meg has been sick with an infection, so she is having to temporarily bottle feed her, which means I got to feed her.
 Such a beautiful little princess!
It absolutely melts my heart when she holds onto my hands!
 Wide awake late at night listening to her Aunt Cherish tell her how beautiful she is and how much she loves her.
Precious, precious moments.
So thankful for these little ones.


  1. Aww they are too precious!!! Ellie is such a doll! Are Ellie and Sam your godchildren too? Are they related to you? My godsons 4th birthday was a couple weeks ago, the time does go by so fast!

    1. Aren't they?! Yes, all 3 are our Godchildren! :) We are blessed times 3! They are not related to us by blood, but we feel as though they are. God certainly orchestrated our friendship. Aren't Godchildren so wonderful?! Happy 4th Birthday to your Godson! Blessings and love! xoxo

  2. THey are so precious!!! I am hosting an SEC bloggers link up today and would love for you to stop by (www.homesweetauburn.com) and represent GA!

    1. Thank you so much, Melissa!! Thank you for inviting me! I linked up! :) Love and hugs to you! xoxo


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