Landscaping Progress Part 1: Brandon's New Chainsaw

When we bought our home a year ago I saw great potential in the property and envisioned a very specific look for the landscaping. I am a lover of gardening, yard work, and the beauty of nature. I see God in flowers, grass, trees, fruits and vegetables. I love the fragrance of blooming flora and fauna and the sound of birds chirping and singing delights my soul. I love the feel of the dirt, the earth, on my hands and I love to watch the fruits of my labor grow. Yard work is so therapeutic for me. It's usually quiet other than the sounds of nature, and I feel so connected with our Creator. I have both of my parents as well as my grandparents to thank for instilling in me the love of landscaping and growing.
Our property is going to be beautiful, eventually, but it is going to take me a few years to get it the way I envision it I'm afraid. But, that gives me something to look forward to each year. There were several of one particular type of tree on our land that neither Brandon nor I can stand-the Sweetgum. They are a nuisance and are not very attractive. They drop those pesky little spiked balls all over the ground and they are nearly impossible to kill even after you've cut one down. I swear that 10 more will sprout and grow off the roots of the cut down trees. We are slowly but surely making progress on eradicating them as much as we can from our yard.
On top of the Sweetgum issue, the wooded areas had been completely untamed and there were several varieties of vines (both climbing and creeping) that were taking over. So, I had had enough of looking at all that mess. I began slowly but surely making progress on raking and pulling up every single vine by hand, clearing out brush, burning massive piles of said brush, and raking some more. I wish I had taken more pictures of the area when we first bought the house so that I could really get a good comparison, but I'll just have to use the few that I have. Most of these will probably be boring for most of you, but as with any project it is nice to have before, during, and after pictures to really see the differences. These are before:
After all of my raking, pulling, cutting and burning: (Brandon just happened to be around for this particular burning. Typically I do all of this by myself during the day while he is at work.)
 Doesn't it already look so much better?
We already purchased several Southern Magnolias and some Yoshino and Kwanzan Cherry Trees.
We also got a Pink Japanese Saucer Magnolia and some other shrubs as well.
Brandon helping me get some of the trees planted.
So, Brandon finally got his own chainsaw. He has been patiently waiting for several years for this new addition, and his patience has paid off.
He went back and forth between an Echo and a Stihl, and after reading several reviews and talking to some folks in repair work, he decided on an Echo.
Brand new, right out of the case.
He used it to trim up some stumps from the trees he cut down because we are having a tree service company come out this week and grind all of our stumps.
After that we are having someone else come out and deliver a dump truck load of topsoil.
Once the topsoil is down we are going to town on the planting of azaleas and the spreading of pinestraw in our freshly renewed flower beds and wooded areas. Hopefully we will finish all of this by the end of next weekend!
We had a dead Cherry Tree that needed to come down. It was struck by lighting before we moved in, so Brandon gladly cut it down.
He was thrilled because he got the tree to fall right in between my rose bushes instead of crashing down on them. I was glad of that, too.
It made a mess, but we got it all cleaned up!
You can tell it's late winter in Georgia because it's warm one weekend and freezing the next! To be continued...


  1. i love magnolia trees. nothing better in your yard. my MIL puts pecan shells in her flower beds instead of mulch. have you seen that? i think it's so neeat. happy monday cherish!

    1. Me, too, Leah! They are so quintessential Southern! I've seen only a few people use pecan shells that way, and I had honestly forgotten about it until you just reminded me! I love that! Have a blessed day! xoxo

  2. It looks great! Your hard work is paying off. I can't wait to see it as you continue. I can't wait to do finally do some yard work at our house this spring/summer. We still have snow on the ground here in Michigan, so it will have to wait. We moved in too late last year for me to get any yard work done, so I'm really excited about it this year!

    1. Thank you so much, Ericka! I bet you are dying for some greenery and warmth up there in Michigan right about now with Spring being right at our fingertips! I'm excited for you to get to work in your yard this year and begin to make it your own!! Have a lovely day! xoxo

  3. That's a lot of hard work, but it looks fabulous! All ready for spring!

    1. Thank you, thank you!! Y'all have been looking at blooms for a while down on the Gulf Coast, now, and hopefully there will still be plenty left by the time Easter gets here! Have a wonderful day! xoxo

  4. Replies
    1. Thank you so much, Ashley! Have a great day! xoxo

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