How I Organized My Kitchen

I am a very visual person with a need for organization, color coding, order, etc..
My husband has zero OCD, but for the most part he does a good job of putting things back in their places, which is a huge help to me keeping things organized.
This will be the first post in a series of how I organize my home, my life. 
I'm no expert, and clearly there are a thousand other bloggers who do the same, but the key is finding what works best for YOU and YOUR family.
Not everyone has the same house plan, kitchen and closet layout, family style, or lifestyle, but we can still learn some tips from others regardless.
For me, the inside of my closets, drawers and cabinets is symbolic to how I am on the inside.
If everything is cluttered and unorganized, then I feel stressed and out of control.
If everything mostly has a place I feel at ease and like I can focus my energy on other areas of my life.
There is a spiritual correlation: when we are cleansed from the inside out we are better prepared to work for the kingdom of God.
We don't have to be perfect, just cleansed and purged of all the clutter.

Our kitchen cabinets are a bit crammed right now because we still haven't purchased a china cabinet for the dining room.
The style I like is always priced for several thousand dollars, of course, so who knows when we will ever get one.
But, I'm in no hurry. I'd rather take my time, save up, until just the right thing comes along.

My method of kitchen organization is based on two things: the layout of my kitchen and grouping categories together based on cooking styles.
This cabinet is located beside our oven and it has a counter space below it that my Kitchen Aid Stand mixer resides on.
The top shelf houses mixing bowls, my rolling pin, cake flour and my hand held mixer.
The middle shelf has our Pottery Barn Great White salad and soup plates.
By the way, if you are getting married soon and still deciding what dishes to get, get the Pottery Barn Great White. More on those later.
The bottom shelf has sugar and flour, measuring cups, mixed in with other fun little dishes that I use when baking.
 The drawer below that is filled with baking utensils and other cute kitchen gadgets.
The drawer beside it has Ziploc bags, foil, wrap, etc along with scissors, bottle openers, a notepad and pen, sharpies, and tape.
 The cabinet beside the one with baking stuff and above the drawer pictured above has our glasses , cups, dessert plates, and more Pottery Barn bowls and salad plates.
 There are two drawers below the oven.
The top one has all the baking pans and sheets, muffin tins, and oven mitts.
 The drawer below that has the cake, brownie, and loaf pans (all are Calphalon brand).
It also has commonly used baking ingredients such as a variety of spices and extracts, cornstarch, baking powder and soda, parchment paper, wax paper, and baking chocolate of course.
This works out great when I'm baking because I don't have to run all over the kitchen searching for ingredients.
I LOVE having everything within my reach.
 This is the cabinet above the oven and microwave.
The top shelf is filled with all of my canning equipment and jars.
The bottom shelf has all of the counter top appliances: crock pots, steamers, fondue pot, coffee pot-which only guests use because I don't drink coffee, toaster, and the blender-which I use every single day.
I absolutely can not stand to have appliances sitting on my counters. 
My husband is so irritated by this, but that's just too bad. 
The only appliance that is on the counter is our Kitchen Aid Stand Mixer.
 Below the counter with the stand mixer and baking drawers is where I keep my casserole and baking dishes.
 Every kitchen needs to have some classic white corning ware and Pyrex.
 Our island has a few pull out drawers, which is where our dinner plates and cereal bowls are.
 It's kind of a pain to bend over and get the plates, but it's the only space big enough for those PB Great White dinner plates. 
Plus, it's on the side of the island that the stove is on, so it works out for serving dinner.
 This drawer in the island has all of the hand towels and washcloths.
Plus the grater. You would think I could find a better place for that.
 One of the top drawers is full of cooking utensils, which is close to the stove for easy access.
 The silverware drawer.
 Counter top knife and cooking utensil storage.
 We have a pull out spice rack beside the stove that I am so thankful for.
 Below the stove is where all of the cookware is.
 Again, it's a pain to bend over and pull out heavy pots and pans, but it's the only logical place to put them (all are Calphalon brand).
There are also a few vertical cabinets on either side of these that store cutting boards and platters.
 On to the refrigerator...this is something I struggle to stay on top of, but I try my best.
When a refrigerator is overflowing and stuff is crammed in, there is SO much waste and rot that occurs.
I hate throwing away money and food, so I work hard to keep things neat, visible, and organized.
 I am going to do another post on what we eat and our diets.
 We eat a TON of fresh produce and 0% Greek yogurt.
 This is the pantry.
I want it to look like Publix where I can see the front of as many things as possible.
 Shelves are organized by meal types, not container styles.
So, now you've seen the inside of what our kitchen looks like!
I hope you learned at least one tip on how to organize, and if you have other tips and suggestions I'd love to hear those, too!
To see more of our home click here
Our big kitchen reveal will be soon, so stay tuned!!!


  1. This post was such a good idea! I look forward to the rest. I just love seeing how other people are organize in their lives. Happy Friday doll!

    1. Thank you, Jenny Beth!! I love to see how other people organize, too! :) Happy Friday to you, too, love!! xoxo

  2. I love that you organize your pantry by meal types - such a simple thing, but something I had never thought about before!

    1. Thank you! It's just one of those things that makes our busy lives a little simpler. It helps me make more efficient grocery lists and with meal planning. Lord knows I have a terrible habit of standing in front of the pantry and staring at a bunch of food and claiming that there is nothing to fix for supper. I do the same thing with my closet-full of clothes, but never anything to wear, lol. xoxo

  3. It's so interesting to see how other people organize - like how you put common baking goods/spices with the baking pans. That would make me crazy, but at the same time, I totally get how someone's brain would work that way!
    Fun post! :)

    1. I think so , too! I've tried several different methods of organizing, and this one just seems to waste the least amount of time for me, which is a big deal with our schedules. Time management and accessiblitity is what ultimately led to me grouping things in the manner that I did. :) xoxo

  4. Okay, you've motivated me to clean out and organize our pantry and fridge! I went through our kitchen not too long ago and got rid of all the things we don't use and that helped clear out SO much space. You did a great job on this post!

    1. Awesome!! Great to hear from you!! Simply getting rid of the things you don't use makes a huge difference in and of itself!! Thank you! Have a fabulous weekend!! xoxo

  5. Can't wait for your meal ideas and how you guys eat. Please share how you use the lemon curd.

    1. Great!! I use the lemon curd for homemade lemon pies and any lemon dessert-it's an awesome secret weapon ingredient! Also, sometimes I add it to my greek yogurt for additional flavor. :)

  6. Love this post - you are one talented lady! Looks like you have great cabinet space - don't you love having a spot for everything?!? Makes using the kitchen so much easier! xx.

    1. Thank you! I really am not-just trial and error!! I'm SO glad you posted again recently and that I found you on IG :) Have a great weekend! xoxo

  7. I love how you have a common color theme throughout your house -- even down to your bowls and utensils. Such a calming, "coastal" color. :) Beautiful!


    1. Thank you so much, Suzanne!! I am little obsessed with a soft shade of aqua blue. :) It is very calming and coastal! Have a wonderful weekend! xoxo

  8. We organize very similarly! I put all the baking things together, all the snacks together, etc! LOVE all the aqua in your kitchen!

    1. YAY!!! I'm SO glad I'm not the only one. Thanks, girl!! Have a blessed day! xoxo :)

  9. I love your organizational tips. I love how everything is colored coordinated I also think how you organize your life is like a spiritual reflection. I can wait until you post about what you all eat, it looks like a healthy fridge to me!! I'm glad I found your blog.

    1. Thank you so much! I'm so glad you found me, too! I've done a few posts on healthy eating since this one. They are: http://www.southernsoulmatesblog.com/2013/01/groceries-vitamins-eating-clean.html and http://www.southernsoulmatesblog.com/2013/02/get-healthy-meals-recipes.html. :) I hope you enjoy them! Have a wonderful weekend! xoxo


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