Granny's 89th Birthday

Thursday, the 24th, my Great Granny celebrated her 89th birthday.
She is also the reigning Nursing Home Queen!
 This is a picture of her and her cousin when they were young. My Granny is on the left.
She is in a nursing home about 30 minutes from where I live, so my Mama and I went over to Monticello to visit her.
Of course we took her a big birthday cupcake, which I dropped in the parking lot on the way in, but the container didn't open so it was still edible. Go Me!! We also took her some roses and a balloon. She always said she wanted her flowers while she was living, not when she dies.
I tried to mend the cupcake as best I could, and at least I was able to salvage the candles!
She was as radiant as ever, still wearing her pearls. She is the cutest thing! The primary reason that she is in a nursing home is because she has broken her hip multiple times, and the last hip replacement failed, so she has no left hip whatsoever.
You are never too old to have someone sing Happy Birthday to you and blow out candles!
Ah, to eat cake and laugh unabashedly.
I read her card to her, and of course as always, I got choked up. I am a words person, and I love public speaking; however, when the topic is anything that is emotional, I get choked up.
This is why I can write my feelings out much better than I can communicate them. I can formulate the words, but I get too emotional to deliver them in their entirety.
We gave her several bracelets and some lotion.
She always has a story to tell!
One of the things I love most about my Granny is that every single memory I have of her she is laughing straight from her core. No matter where she is she laughs uncontrollably, and I just love it, mainly because laughing is one of my favorite pastimes, too.
I also gave her some lipstick, which she was so excited about! Next time I go back I'm going to paint her nails for her.
She just kept smelling the roses we gave her. Can you imagine what it would be like to be pretty much bed-ridden and never get to go anywhere? Never get to walk around and do simple things like smelling fresh flowers and digging your hands into the earth to plant seeds? I can't. Yet, despite that she is still smiling and laughing.
Something else you have to know about her is that she is a spitfire. She really has no filter, so what comes up comes out. She doesn't mince words, she calls a spade a spade, and she makes no claims of being a Saint. But, she is who she is and she is real, and I love that about her. I certainly got a healthy dose of those traits myself, and I'm learning how to tame my mouth a bit more in public, but it's something I have to work on every day.
I'm not big into horoscopes, but I really believe there is a lot of truth to the personality traits of each astrological sign.
She and I are both Aquarius, as is Brandon's Mimi, who celebrated a birthday on the 20th!
We all have very similar personality traits.
Here is a description of the Aquarius Female:
"She is very loyal, but at the same time, she is also a little detached. She will be committed and remain faithful too, but do not try to bind her. Let her enjoy her freedom and in return, she will come back to you when she gets tired of her expeditions. Her dreams are very different from that of a normal female and she hums a different tune, which most of us have not even heard of.
An Aquarian female is like a butterfly, which sits on every flower, but belongs to none. She loves her freedom and if you can accept this, she will love you even more.
She is intense, but may prefer to be platonic most of the time. Hosting as well as attending parties comes naturally to her and she will always be a social delight. She will trust you completely and will not be unduly suspicious of your activities. You will also not be bothered by too much jealousy or possessiveness on her part. Her trust arises from the fact that before committing, she had dissected your behavior under a microscope.
She lives in the future. She will never live in the past. One thing which is extremely dear to an Aquarius female is her freedom. She refuses to be tied down and surrender her independence for anyone or anything. She is a bright woman, attracting everyone. She will be witty and charming in her disposition.
She can get adjusted in any kind of surrounding. An Aquarius woman has a variety of interests to keep her busy."

That about sums me up!
Listen, all that aside, if your grandparents are still living you need to spend as much time with them as you can.
I know it's hard, and time and distance are usually big factors.
The important thing is that when you do see them or talk to them, make sure you are spending quality time with them.
Ask them about their childhood, try to learn as much as you can from them.  
I am horrible about staying in touch via telephone. I know this, I admit it, and I accept full blame for the lack of frequent phone conversation.
I'm thankful for having such a huge family, but the fact is that I could allocate one phone conversation per day for a different person for a month and not even come close to speaking to every family member and friend that I need to.
This is a huge struggle for me and I feel guilty as a result.
Anyone have any tips out there?
Anyways, I'm thankful for my grandparents, for their examples and their legacies, and for the love they've shown me.


  1. How beautiful! I can totally see her and you-you guys resemble eachother! I am so sorry to hear that a failed hip replacement is what has her living in a home :( I work for an orthopedic company that makes hip implants so I can understand-it's just sad! So glad you were able to celebrate her birthday with her!

    1. Thank you, Emily! You're the first person that's ever said we resemble! I have always joked that I am adopted because I don't look like any one person. But, the personality traits are very clear from a number of family members, lol! I didn't realize you work for an orthopedic company! That's great! It was devastating when we found out the replacement didn't work after the surgery. But, I know the Lord has a plan for her, and she is taken such great care of. I am not a fan of nursing homes, but I can honestly say the one she is in is great! You see the same patients every time you go in, the nurses are always on top of everything, and the nurses have great relationships with the patients. It's small and clean and a good environment. That's about all anyone can ask for when it comes to that. I love looking at your IG pics and getting more excited for you each day as you prepare to welcome Miss Lilly into the world! xoxo

  2. Your Granny is so beautiful, and it is heartbreaking that her hip is what has slowed her down. She really seems to have a lot of light and joy in her eyes, and what a blessing she must be!

    I am also terrible at phone conversations. I find them difficult to maintain and I rarely initiate. Like you, I am pretty good at putting down my thoughts through words, so perhaps think about writing a few little "notes of thought" here and there to let folks know that you're thinking about them. They don't have to be lengthy and involved, but I do feel like a handwritten note speaks volumes for letting people know you're thinking of them. I actually have a friend around my same age, with whom I almost exclusively write notes back and forth. How very 1960s of us!

    1. Erin! Thank you for your sweet words!! Beautiful! You are so right about hand writing letters! I am so awful because I think about doing it all the time, yet I never really get around to it. I need to be more diligent and intentional about doing that. Thank you for suggesting such a wonderful thing! I think it's fabulous that you and your friend write notes to each other! Love this!! xoxo

  3. Oh these pictures are true treasures. I know she enjoyed your visit. SO SO sweet.

    1. Thank you!! You are precious!! Have a blessed day! xoxo

  4. I just found your blog and these pictures are precious!!! Newest follower! :)

    1. Hey Ashley! Welcome!! Thank you so much for introducing yourself and for your sweet words!! Thank you for following!! I look forward to getting to know you! Have a blessed night! xoxo

  5. Oh what a sweet sweet birthday celebration!!! Girl you don't look a day over 22 ;) Trust!!! I'm absolutely swooning over your blog right now! Newest follower :)

    1. Thank you, Julia Rose! Girl, you are too sweet!! Thank you so much for reading and for following!! I consider my followers my friends, so I look forward to getting to know you! Have a blessed night! :) xoxo


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