Tacky Christmas Cocktail Party

I think everyone and their brother had at least one Christmas function to attend over the weekend!
We had our practice Christmas party Friday night, the Brown Family Christmas Saturday afternoon, neither of which I took pictures and I have no real excuse other than I feel like I'm always the only person trying to take pictures and it's difficult to host, visit, and do it all.
Saturday night we had a Tacky Christmas Cocktail party  with our friends from Cumming.
I have a lot of pictures of this event because different people were using my camera all night!
For this annual party the ladies wear cocktail dresses and the men wear tacky Christmas outfits for which they are judged.
 Katie, Sandra, Leann, Andrea and me.
 The Miles Brothers: Trent and Britt
 Brandon with one of his best friends growing up, Slate.
 Needless to say, Bennett won the "Best Tacky Outfit" award this year!
Even the Christmas lights on his tree worked!
 Brandon's outfit was horendous!
That pathetic little bow-tie paired with a too small sweater and brown corduroy pleated pants was overstimulating visually.
 Santa made an appearance and the ladies divided into 2 teams to compete in a Family Feud style game with Christmas movies based questions.
 I get so nervous at stuff like this, but I was the only person on my team to correctly answer a question.
The only reason I knew the answer was because the question was based on the movie "Christmas Vacation."
I just realized that my opponent looked pretty devastated about getting beat...I don't even know who she is come to think of it. Poor girl.
 The beautiful Meghan, who is expecting her first baby in March-a girl!
 I love this one of Andrea when we she correctly answered her question.
 All of the ladies with Santa!
 The infamous Tim finally arrived!
 Brandon and Britt, another one of his childhood best friends, acting ridiculous. 
They were pretty funny together.
 Lauren, me and Andrea.
 Most of the guys at the end of the night.
We had a blast and it was great to get together with friends old and new!


  1. I want ALL of your dresses! You look absolutely beautiful!

    1. Thank you, Nicole!! You are SO sweet! Loved your vlog with Jamie!! :) xoxo

  2. man, this is HILARIOUS! especially trent & britt!!! :)

    1. Isn't it?! The guys were all so hilarious! What a night!

  3. You look so pretty in that white dress! I would look like a total ghost but you rock it! And oh my goodness- those boys.. hahaha I die!

    1. Thank you so much, Jessica! Weren't they hilarious?! The whole night was just funny-it felt like a movie or something lol! xoxo

  4. Love the girls dresses and the guys outfits! Looks like you all had a great time!

    1. Thank you! We did! It's fun to dress up like that every now and then :) xoxo


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