SEC Championship: Dawgs vs. Tide in ATL

What a game!
The Dawgs were so close to winning the game and what a great game that was against Alabama.
Both teams really showed up and left it all on the field.
I don't care where you are from, you have to admit that the SEC is the best football conference there is!
I think Notre Dame is going to have a rude awakening in Miami come January.
Speaking of bowl games, how much of a crock is it that UGA didn't even get a BCS bowl bid?!
What a joke. A cryin' shame. Even Nick Saban said so.
There is no way Florida deserves a  BCS bowl over UGA this year. No way. 
Anyway, Brandon and his dad went to the game because there were only 2 tickets.
I dropped Brandon off at the Dome and his mom got in the car with me and a shopping in Atlanta we went!
It was agonizing to not be at the game and checking the scores constantly only to have the game be so extremely close each time-down to the last second.
 Here I am in my UGA outfit! Go Dawgs!
Brandon got his hat signed by former Bulldawgs Matt Stinchcomb and Lindsey Scott.
Our first stop was Anthropologie.
I know so many bloggers who are obsessed with this store, and I think it's really neat and eclectic, but I just can't enjoy shopping somewhere that everything is so ridiculously expensive.
Personally, I think I find just as interesting things at TJ Maxx, Marshall's and HomeGoods for much more reasonable prices.
But, it's fun to go somewhere out of the ordinary every now and then for inspiration.
They did have some perfume that I fell in love with.
The main store on my agenda was Ikea.
 I have been dying for some of the Berta Ruta fabric, plus I needed some curtains and a few other things.
I found everything I was looking for, so my trip was a success!
Then we went to Target because I had to get some more Christmas lights. 
I never have enough for some reason.

After the game we met up at Maggiano's in Buckhead for a late dinner.
It was delicious as always, but we were all a little down about the outcome of the game.
32-28...6 yards away from going to the National Championship.
On Sunday we caught up on some yard work since the weather was so beutiful and it was 76 degrees here.
 I pruned the hedges, pulled weeds, and blew the leaves away.
Brandon worked on the mower, changed the blades and cut the grass.
 It looks much, much better! I hadn't hung up the rest of the Christmas wreaths when I took this picture, so overlook it, please!
Dear God, please give us at least a few days like this every few weeks so that my seasonal depression won't be so unbearable.
You know you created me part lizard, so give me a little sun and heat, please! xo


  1. Love your outfit you wore shopping, but what else is new? I don't get Anthropologie, most the time I feel like most people just say they love it just because some of the cool kids like it. lol I personally think it is all over priced and honestly isn't all that great.

    1. Thank you!! I totally agree-what a great way to put it, lol! Xoxo

  2. What an adorable gameday outfit! Shopping is a pretty good idea, though. I love to shop and eat in Athens on Saturdays because you can still always keep up with the game, but every store is all your own. :)

    1. Thank you, Erin!, you are so right about having a peaceful shopping experience in Athens during a game. That's how I felt about it during the summer when most of the students were gone :). Xoxo

  3. I also loved your outfit! It feels so good after you clean up around the house! :)

    1. Thank you, Kaycee!! It does feel good, until a week passes and it needs to be done all over again lol! Story of my life!! One step forward and two steps back, lol! Xoxo

  4. I was really hoping Georgia would take down Alabama. I love love love your comments on Anthropologie. I have never understood the obsession with that over priced store.

    1. Aleshea-me, too, Hun!! If only we could've pulled out a win! I'm so glad some of y'all are on the same page as me about Anthropologie! I was kind of beating myself up for not being as in love with it as I though I should have been. It is neat, but just too expensive to frequent, I guess. Xoxo

  5. You're definately right...What a game! Georgia put up one heck of a fight! I was on pins and needles the entire game....my hubby kept saying turn the tv off I can't watch it anymore... haha what a stinker:) In the end it turned out in our favor, whew! I sure was sweatin:) Glad you and your mother in law had a great day shopping though:) I love your cute gameday outfit:)

    1. Kathryn, our Dawgs did put up a good fight and they were leading the score most of the game. What a heartbreaking loss for the Dawg nation-so close, but yet so far away. I give it to your Crimson Tide and I hope they shut out and blow out Notre Dame to prove the point that the SEC is the greatest of them all!! I'm glad we had a fun day shopping, too. Thank you! And just for you I'll say Roll Tide :). Xoxo

  6. Agree with everything you said -wish the Dawgs had won, LOVE TJMaxx/Homegoods over Anthropologie, and really hoping this warm weather sticks around!

    1. Thank you for commenting!! Totally agree!! I hope you're having a great week! xoxo

  7. So jealous!! Such a good game. I was sure hoping that your Dawgs would pull it off! I LOVE your outfit!


    1. Thank you for rooting for us!!! Thank you-it all came from TJ maxx, of course :) I hope you're having a fantastic week! xoxo


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