I realized that while I've always encouraged readers to ask me questions, I've never dedicated a post specifically to that topic.
So many of you email me with questions and conversations, and I admit that I love it.
I love that you are brave enough to email someone you don't personally know and ask them questions about an outfit or about deeper issues, such as faith.
My heart is always overjoyed to read your emails because if I'm not approachable here then I have failed miserably.
This isn't just my space, it's yours, too. 
I've also noticed that my readership has increased a lot over the past several months, so some of you may not know as much about me as those of you who have been reading for a long time.
I love getting to know each of you and I consider you my friends!
So, I'm officially opening the door for questions.
You can ask me about anything you want. 
It can be about faith, family, marriage, clothes...seriously, anything-funny, trivial, deep, or serious. 
If you don't want your question to be public, then email me!
I'll compose a post of the questions with my answers.
The only thing I'm nervous about is that none of you will have questions-ha!
If that's the case then I guess I'm doing a good job of being really transparent with y'all!

On a totally different note, how precious are these pearl Christmas lights?!
They were made just for me, I'm certain! 
I'll be sharing our Christmas decorations tomorrow! xoxo


  1. You've always got the cutest outfits on! Where do you do most of your shopping? What would be your biggest tip for being cute and darling and modest at the same time?

  2. Cherish, I just love your new header and all the updates you've done on your blog (design wise!) It's so sweet, simple, clean, and SOUTHERN! :)

    My question might not need to be mentioned in a post, but I'm wondering if Brandon has any vet friends in the Northern Virginia area that are in practice here? (Random, I know) And similarly, maybe you could mention some key points that pet owners should ask their vets? I'm struggling with finding a vet for my dog that I feel comfortable with - what are some good indicators that a vet will work for me and my dog? Help! :)

  3. I just started reading your blog. Found you through Kelly Korner link up on traditions. Im curious about how you met your husband, engagement story, and why your a Tenn fan when you graduated from UGA.

    Your pictures in cotton field are beautiful!

  4. I just started following your blog a month or two ago and I think you and your husband are just precious! How did y'all meet? Do ya'll plan on having any babies? They sure would be adorable:)

  5. Where did you get your necklace that you have on in the picture taken in Anniston, AL where you met ya'lls friends for lunch?
    It's the round turquoise one with what looks like pearls.

  6. I just wanted to say, wowwwwwwwww on the pearls! Not my thing, but I have SO MANY friends who would love them!!! Where did you get them?

  7. I just started following your blog a few weeks ago. I found you through pinterest, and you seem like such a beautiful person inside and out. :) I was hoping you could help me get the word out about something. I just found out that there is boy who has cystic fibrosis and likely will not make it to see Christmas. Dalton's only wish is that he get Christmas cards- and lots of them! He wants to make it in the Guinness World Records for receiving the most Christmas cards. Dalton is just 11 years old and is very aware that he will be going to heaven. My community has begun sending him cards. Please help us show some love and give him some holiday cheer. Here is Dalton Dingus address: HC 62 Box 1249 Salyersville, KY 41465. Make sure to include your city and state so he can see how far the support is coming from.
    I hope you and your family have a wonderful Christmas.

  8. Hi! This is random, but I was wondering about how you got into such a good marriage. What are your thoughts on courtship/dating/living together/premarital sex? Loaded questions I know but it seems that opinions have changed so much - even over the last few years on these topics.


  9. I love those pearl lights!! So that is my first question haha where did you get them? Also what editor or program do you use to design your blog or edit your pictures and such?

  10. So my question is...is Brandon's brother single? ;-) Just kidding (kind of!).
    I found your blog a couple of months ago and love it! I know others have asked, but I would love to hear more of your story - how you met, etc.

  11. Do you diet/exercise? If you do diet/exercise, do you have any helpful tips/advice?
    I enjoy reading your blog because you seem so down to earth and you love The Lord.


  12. New reader here. I recently found your blog through Kelly's Korner. I have really enjoyed reading some of your older post, just trying to "catch up." I do have a question, and this may seem like a crazy one, but How is your relationship with your in-laws. As in your mother-in-law especially. My Husband and I have been married for nine years and I still can't get my mother-in-law to like me. haha I haven't done anything to make her not like me, she just started out not. At first I thought it was because I was taking her "baby" from her, but I just don't know now. I mean after nine years you'd think she'd come aroud a little. Anyways, sorry that got so long, I enjoy your blog!


  13. I'd love to know more about your fashion and home decor ideas!

  14. I love those cute Christmas lights :) They are too stinking cute girlie...


I sure do love hearing from y'all-you make my day!