Holiday Traditions

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I believe the most important holiday tradition you can have is not to do one specific thing in one specific place, but rather just making it a point to be together with family and the ones you love and focusing on the greatest gift God could have ever given us, the birth of His Son, Jesus.
Where you are and what you're doing really isn't as important as just being together. 
Brandon and I both come from very large families, so juggling our holiday schedules is always tricky.
My family is really great about scheduling our get-togethers around what works best for everyone, so we don't have a set date that we celebrate Christmas, but it's always sometime before Christmas with my mama's side of the family.
Even though we are all spread out over the state, my cousins are all really close.
When we are together we pick up right where we left off and have the best time laughing and catching up.
We usually have a cousins sleep over during Christmas and Thanksgiving at my sister's house.
We stay up way too late laughing, talking and eating and sleep late the next day. 
Some years we have our photos made and give them as gifts to our grandparents and parents.
 My hometown of Dahlonega is so pretty at Christmas, so we always go downtown and take it all in!
We usually play the White Elephant (or Dirty Santa) game with my mom's side of the family with a $10 limit, so the point is really just to have fun, or we draw names!
 Last year we all played the Wii Just Dance game it was so funny to watch everyone bust a move!
Brandon's family is much more cemented in their traditions. 
They always get together with Brandon's dad's side of the family on Christmas Eve, and his parents always host a Christmas breakfast for both sides of the family on Christmas morning, then the rest of Christmas Day is spent with Brandon's mom's family.
 The Pinson's love to play games, so we usually spend time outside if the weather is nice after we eat.
 Christmas morning breakfast.
 Mimi's favorite thing to do is open stockings, so this is her holiday tradition!
Mimi's family also has Santa come to the Christmas family reunion every year!
 Brandon and his brother usually go hike a new section of the Appalachian Trail during Christmas break with their aunt and uncle.
One year Brandon had to work over Christmas, so there was no choice but for his parents to come to South Georgia and celebrate with us there.
We had a great time and hope they did, too.
Another year we all went to the Biltmore and that was one of the best memories we had of Christmas Day because it snowed and it was so magical!
My mama has always been so understanding of this and willing to wait to do Christmas with my sister and me.
All she cares about is that we have uninterrupted time together, so we usually celebrate and ring in the New Year with my mama and sister and brother-in-law, which is what we will be doing again this year. 
We have eliminated giving gifts with my mom and sister because we would much rather go somewhere or do something together. 
The past two years they've traveled to South Georgia to celebrate with us and we've done a fireworks show and we've ridden horses on the beach.
 I love being on the coast or at the beach for New Years. 
There's just something cleansing and renewing about it.
I'm sure some of our traditions will change some when we have our own kids, but for now we just kind of go with the flow and do what works best for everyone.
As long as we are together and celebrating the birth of Jesus, I am content and happy!


  1. Beautiful post! My favorite tradition isn't Christmas, but on Thanksgiving after dinner we go out around the farm and cut pine branches, then go back to the house and make a grave blanket for my Grandpa's grave. Then go put it on the grave. <3

    1. Thank you, Kaycee! That is the most special thing I've heard lately. Oh, that just brought tears to my eyes! We used to go shoot mistletoe with Brandon's grandparents, but since they have Alzheimer's we can't do that anymore. It's sad and I miss it, but they won't be here forever and for now we need to do what is most comfortable for them. Thank you for sharing such a special tradition. I love that. xoxo

  2. Traditions are tricky. I feel sad when I think of ones we had when I was a child, but that changed due to loved ones passing away. Then, you grow up and get married, and have family scattered apart, so traditions change again. I look forward to having children and creating some traditions of our own. However, I do feel very blessed to have the family celebrations that we have now. :)

    1. I completely agree! It is sad to think back on the traditions we had as children and how changing family dynamics have forced those said traditions to change, too. One thing that I'm looking forward to about hopefully having kids someday is to be able to wake up in our own home on Christmas day. We've never gotten to do that, so I think that will be special. Like you, I feel blessed to have so much family to divide our time/traditions between now. :) xoxo

  3. I love the idea of a cousins' sleepover. And those pictures are gorgeous! What a unique and special tradition.

    1. Thank you so much, Natasha! The cousins sleepover is a blast! I highly recommend it! :) Have a blessed week! xoxo

  4. I just discovered your blog - Love all your pictures! I love the South, too - the beautiful land and beautiful people. -I think you'd be a great Paula Deen blogger.


    1. Thank you so much, Ashley!! I'm thrilled you introduced yourself! The South is a wonderful place indeed! :) I hope you have a blessed week! xoxo

  5. Love all of your family's traditions! Sounds like so much fun!


    1. Thank you, Tiffany! It is so much fun just spending quality time together! Have a great night! xoxo


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