Guntersville, AL: Duck Hunting Trip

We arrived in Guntersville late Thursday night in one piece. 
We took back roads the entire way, so we got to drive through some beautiful little towns on the way.
This is the courthouse in Meriwether County, Georgia.
 The guys got up at 3:30 each morning to go hunting while the girls made sure the beds didn't go anywhere.
 Good morning Lake Guntersville!
 After we got ready we went to downtown Guntersville, which is so adorable, and walked around the shops.
Hey Erin-thank you for the suggestions!! We loved both shops you recommended! We just wish you would've been in town to join us!
 Friday night the guys made prime rib for supper. 
It was amazing and delicious!
 The men!
 The ladies!
 Great food!
 Me and my love!
 Beauregard retrieving his first real duck!
 The hunting dogs: labs and our pointer (ours are the two on the far right).
 Saturday we went back to downtown Guntersville to finish going to all the shops.
 That night we got to watch their local Christmas parade and it was SO cute!
Y'all know I love a good parade!
 My favorite was the Grinch float. I'm kind of obsessed with the Grinch. I think he's the cutest thing ever.
 There were dozens of people riding horses, too.
 Back at the house before supper, all the ladies posing for one more group shot.
We found our antlers at Dollar General!
Shorts with boots in December-that's how we roll in the South!
 This pointer hat was the treasure of the trip-I found it at Dollar General, too! 
Brandon was SO excited about it because it looks just like Beauregard.
 We had duck balls for an appetizer-duck meat and peppers wrapped in bacon.
I admit the smell was disgusting, but they were very good!
You know me, I'll try almost any kind of food.
 This trip wore Sanford out!
 The house had an two awesome decks, so we enjoyed the fire and the warm weather at night.
One more post on this trip tomorrow!

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