Duck Dynasty Who?

First of all, Happy 12.12.12!!
The sun finally peeked out of the clouds on Sunday as we were packing everything up to leave.
We decided to take some family pictures since we had someone else to take a picture of us with part of our 4-legged crew.
They turned out much better than I thought they would!
The most difficult part was trying to get the dogs to look at the camera instead of us.
We had a great trip and made lots of memories!
I just had to have a picture of the Tennessee River sign.
Some of our best friends, Adam and Whitney, live in Birmingham, and we were so thrilled that it worked out to meet up with them for lunch on our way home in Oxford, AL.
Adam and Brandon are the same age, but Adam went to high school with me.
They met during college and were in the same fraternity, both biology majors, and went on the med school and vet school, respectively, at the same time.
Adam is in his 3rd year of residency focusing on emergency medicine.
Whitney and I are the same age and went through Rush together at North Georgia, but for different sororities.
Adam and Brandon were in each other's weddings and try to get together when they can.
Even though we don't see them nearly as often as we'd like, we always pick up right where we left off.
Adam and Whitney's love for the Lord shines in all they do. They are inspiring, and while they are great as individuals, they are even more amazing as a couple.
We were so thankful for the opportunity to meet up and visit.
From there we decided to take the interstate home. Brandon was concerned about the boat trailer and seemed to be anticipating an issue with it.
He'd been saying that if he ever got it back home that it would be the last trip the trailer ever made.
We were approaching downtown Atlanta when I heard the semi beside us honking his horn and waving frantically at us.
I got panicked and demanded that Brandon find a place to pull over.
He didn't even hear that truck horn...
The problem was that there was nowhere to pull over and the next exit was for I-285, so we got on it and took the first exit off of it.
MLK Drive...if you live in the South (Georgia, specifically) you know that just about every town has an MLK Drive and they aren't usually the greatest neck of the woods to be having vehicle trouble. 
Y'all, we pulled into a Texaco and when I tell you it was like a scene form a Madea movie I am not exaggerating.
One of the wheel bearings blew on the boat trailer and the whole wheel was getting ready to blow.
Between being hit up for money and other goods, I was trying to locate the nearest Walmart (7.5 miles away-we couldn't make it that far) on my phone, keeping in mind that it was 6:30 on a Sunday night.
I had an epiphany and decided to look up the nearest Autzone. 5 miles away and accessible via side roads.
I called and they were open until 9. Thank you Jesus.
We decided to take a chance and limp along at 15-20mph to the Autozone, praying to God that we didn't blow the whole kit and caboodle out.
That was the longest 5 miles of our lives. When I tell you there was not a single decent place to have a blow out, I am not exaggerating.
We made it to the Autozone. Hallelujah. 
Brandon had called his best friend, Britt, who organized our trip and lives 30 miles North of this area, and he was such an angel to come and help us.
Once Brandon started taking the wheel apart he realized that it was beyond repair and there was no way the trailer would make it home by rolling.
We considering ripping off all identification and leaving it. 
Meanwhile a group of folks smoking weed in the parking lot approached us and offered to help.
Thanks, but no thanks. Really?!
Britt and I got to looking and thought we could try to load the entire rig into the back of the truck.
We got to work on seeing if that idea would work.
 As Britt said, "With 1 doctorate degree, 1 masters degree, and 3 undergraduate degrees, I think we can figure something out!"
 It was like putting a puzzle together. We had to arrange the dog crate, cooler, boat motor, paddles and fishing rods beneath the trailer.
 We got the trailer loaded and began hoisting the boat onto the trailer with the help of the winch.
 At this point I put the camera down and helped push.
 Holy cow we got it on there!
 Brandon had to go back into the Autozone to buy more straps and the lucky dog found an Autozone rewards card and got $5 off. Meant to be.
 We were all pretty proud of this!
Duck Dynasty has nothing on us. My husband could give Clark Griswold a run for his money.
All we needed were some Christmas lights and a generator to top it off!
The dogs beneath the boat were not amused. If you look closely you can see Sanford in the passenger window. Hilarious.
 Unbelievable! There is never a dull moment where Brandon Pinson is concerned.
We had 59.3 miles to go to get to our driveway.
The only issue was how loud one of the straps was vibrating as we drove down the interstate, so we finally pulled off and wrapped a towel around it and it was fine.
45 mph was our average speed.
We rolled into our driveway at 10pm.
I heard angels singing.
Not too bad all things considered, but what a trip!
My life is like a movie, I swear I need a camera crew.
And something for my nerves.


  1. Girl! That looks like a Justin Cook rig. Something like that would happen to us, too. Glad y'all had fun.

    1. I can totally see your man doing that, too! Good ole Southern boys! I swear it's impossible for us to just have a normal trip, but then we wouldn't have any stories to share, I guess! Have a great day! xoxo

  2. Oh my goodness, this is so funny to me! I am glad you guys found a solution, weren't mugged, and made it home okay!

    1. Me, too, Emily!! We had our defense system all ready to go, needless to say, because it was that bad. But, the Lord was watching over us and we lived to tell about it, lol! Have a blessed day! xoxo

  3. First, your family photos turned out great! Second, the boat in the bed of the pickup is hilarious! Glad you all made it home safely.

    1. Thank you, Nikki!! Yes, it wasn't funny to begin with, but after we realized our idea was going to work it became quite amusing! Have a wonderful day! xoxo

  4. Love your outfit on the dock! Where is that necklace from?

    1. Thank you so much!! I got it at the J. Crew outlet on Black Friday! Have a fantastic day! xoxo

  5. omg! What an adventure!! I can see why you had to do a seperate post for this one! Bless yall's hearts! AND yes, we have a MLK drive here in Troy and of course....it's not on a good side of town....What's up with that?!?! Well I'm glad ya'll were able to get home in one peice with everything in tow....no pun intended;)

    1. Kathryn, what is up with the MLK's? It's sketchy. Thank you-we were so glad to make it home, too! Love your pun! :) Have a blessed day! xoxo

  6. Hahaha love how you rigged the truck up to get the boat home! haha!

    The pictures are soo cute!!

    I just watched Duck Dynasty for the first time a week a go! It is something else!

    1. Ashley, we were proud of it in that parking lot, but after getting it home we were really proud of it, lol! Thank you! Duck Dynasty is something else! Everyone loves it, but I still love Swamp People the most :). Have a great day! xoxo

  7. First - your family pictures are beautiful!
    Second - that is so how my husband would have toted the boat and trailer the rest of the way home. Isn't it nice having such a resourceful husband?! =) except for when there is no need for that type of resourcefulness haha

    1. Thank you so much! I'm glad to hear that my husband isn't the only one who is so "resourceful" lol! You are right-I think sometimes the deliberately do things to try our patience! Have a blessed week! xoxo

  8. Oh no! I hate that that happened to your trailer but it is pretty funny how they rigged it. Love that outfit girl!

    1. Thank you, Megan!! It was an experience for sure! It really was funny after the fact, but that's usually the way it goes. Life's not worth living if you can't laugh about these kinds of things, I guess. Have a blessed week! xoxo

  9. I am so laughing out loud at yall's rigging !!! That is just like something our guys would do !!!! Glad yall got home safely though !!!

    lmb in Cairo

    1. YES!!!! Thank you! GO Cairo!! We lost the second round of playoffs to Ridgeland High :(. Have a blessed weekend! xoxo

  10. I love your boots! What brand are they?

    1. Thank you! They are Franco Fortini. I bought them in the fall of 2011.

  11. good thing you didn't accept that helping hand from those filthy hippies,
    the nerve of those heathens!


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