Downtown Christmas

Last Thursday night was our Hometown Holidays parade.
This parade is such a big deal in our small town and people come from all over to watch it.
This was the first time we'd ever been to this parade because this is our first Christmas in our new town.
Isn't our downtown theater precious?
Last Monday night they showed Rudolph before having the tree lighting ceremony on the courthouse lawn.
Some of the pictures are blurry because there was so much going on.
Even Walmart had a semi in the parade. I'm not a big fan of Walmart, but I still thought it was neat.
The Mary Persons football players and cheerleaders-after beating the Cairo Syrupmakers 3-0 in overtime the week before, they traveled to the other end of the state near Chattanooga to play Ridgeland High. 
Unfortunately we lost, but our town is still so proud of our Bulldogs for making it to the third round of the state playoffs.
The courthouse and square looked so beautiful all it up at night.
My mama and me freezing our tails off after the parade.
We spent the next morning working on Christmas decorations.
Sanford kept laying on the deco mesh and he was just too cute to move.
I'm sure it disgusting to some people how much I love this dog, but I don't care.
He is my sweet angel baby and if I even think about something happening to him I cry.
My mama is as equally in love with him. She loves both of her grandpugs.
When she left that afternoon he ran up the driveway following her car and he never ever does that for anyone.
We are slowly but surely making progress with the Christmas decor...I don't know why I can't get my act together and get more motivated.
Hopefully I'll have everything finished soon.


  1. Love small town parades! Ours was on Monday, but we didn't go. We've been having SUCH warm weather here (80 degrees, what!?) so I just couldn't even get into the spirit! I am ready for some cold weather!

    1. Me, too!! 80 degress is perfect to me, lol! I can't stand cold weather, so I have been loving the warm temperatures. Maybe you'll get some snow in Memphis this year!! I like to get a good snow, but after 2 days I'm over it and ready for the sun and sand :). Hope you have a fabulous day, Nicole! xoxo

  2. I love small town Christmas parades! It is a slice of America that I can't resist!!!


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