Answers to Your Questions Part 1

Wow! I was blown away by the questions that some of you asked when I opened the door on this post!
Y'all asked some really great questions and some of them are pretty deep-which I like-so I'm going to have to break down the answers into a few posts!
Thank you for asking such great questions and if you have more it's not too late to ask!

1. Where do you do most of your shopping? What would be your biggest tip for being cute and darling and modest at the same time?  
Well, thank you! I love fashion questions because I majored in Fashion at UGA!
I do most of my shopping at TJ Maxx and Marshall's.
You can't beat the quality and brands for the prices.
I love to search and dig, so those types of stores suit me well, but I know some people have a difficult time in those stores because they are stressed by putting outfits together.
I also love J. Crew-the outlet, Target and thrift stores.
I am a bargain shopper through and through, but there are a few unique or staple pieces that I have splurged on because of quality, fit, or rarity. 
As far as being cute and modest at the same time-I am really tall (5'10"), so I've always had to watch what I wear. I was never able to wear shorts to school because of the fingertip rule, and I'm also VERY flat-chested, which I am very self-conscious about.
I have no cleavage to show, so that's not really an issue because I tend to stay away from anything that might draw attention to the bust area because there is absolutely nothing to look at-ha!
As a general rule, I think either showing some skin on top (bust) or on bottom (legs) should only be done one at a time, unless it's summertime and a thousand degrees. 
Also, my best advice to people is to learn how to dress YOUR body and wear the appropriate sizes instead of trying to fit into something that clearly isn't made for your body type.
All shapes and sizes are beautiful when properly dressed! 
Try not to obsess over size because usually wearing a size that fits makes you look slimmer than sizes that are too small do.
I could write a book on how to dress for specific body types-I love body analysis and personal shopping, so if you have more specific questions you can comment or message me.
When it comes to being modest I tend to worry about showing too much skin sometimes-because of  my height it's more noticeable. 
I don't want to look like a hooker or a skank, I want to look classy and put together, haha!
The bottom line is that I am not comfortable wearing revealing clothing unless I'm at the beach or something, so I tend to stick with more classic styles because that looks best on my body type. :)

2. Where did you get your necklace that you have on in the picture taken in Anniston, AL where you met y'alls friends for lunch?
It's the round turquoise one with what looks like pearls.
At J. Crew Outlet on Black Friday, so I think with all discounts it was somewhere in the $25 neighborhood!
3. Where did I get my pearl Christmas lights?
Target! $9.99 for a 25 ft. strand!
4. Where do I get my home decor ideas and decorations?
Well, my mama is the queen of interior decorating, and all of the women in my family are creative, so I was destined to be a true creative personality type!
Even though I majored in Fashion, the Interior Design department was on our hall and I took several of those classes, too.
I usually have a vision in my head of what I want something to look like, and with time and patience I figure out a way to make it happen.
I get my inspiration from all things Southern and Coastal.
I love soothing and neutral colors, I tend to choose cool colors as opposed to warm colors.
I love the traditional Old South plantation homes with white columns and double porches.
I love coastal colors and accents, so I tie them together in my own home.
I get most of my home decor at HomeGoods, TJ Maxx, Marshall's, thrift stores and I get my framing done and some other things at Hobby Lobby.
Pinterest is like a dream world for me and you can tell by looking at my boards.
I think my biggest piece of decorating advice is to go big or go home and less is more.
When I say go big I mean having fewer really large statement pieces looks better than dozens of little trinkets sitting all over the place. 
For hanging pictures on the walls, always go with really large frames and get a mat-even if the picture is small. Hobby Lobby has awesome sales on their frames and mats all the time.
Small decorative items tend to dwarf an entire room whereas fewer larger pieces make a room feel larger and more spatial.
I know gallery walls are really in right now, but if you're going to do one please have at least 2 really large pieces to hang in the midst of all those little 4x6, 5x7 and 8x10 frames. 
It will make all the difference and actually draw attention rather than looking like a busted up jigsaw puzzle where all the pieces are about the same size.
I kind of went nuts with this question-sorry!! 
If you ever have questions about decorating-let me know and I'll be happy to help!

5. What editor or program do you use to design your blog or edit your pictures and such?
This made me laugh because I am longing for photoshop, which means I primarily just edit my photos in iPhoto or Picasa. And I think you can tell!
I designed my blog myself and I'm always jealous of people who get their designs custom made.
I just can't justify paying for that when my blog doesn't provide me any income. 
I wish it did! But, it doesn't!
I made my own header in Picasa. I download free fonts. I do the rest in blogger editor. 
It's frustrating sometimes and it's not exciting, but I do the best I can with what I have.

So, the more serious questions will be Wednesday-hopefully I can get them answered in just one post-we shall see!
They are about marriage, relationships, etc., so it should be interesting!! :)
 Thank y'all for always being so sweet and thoughtful in your comments.
I feel undeserving of such kindness, but I appreciate it more than you will ever know. xoxo

Another quick thing, would y'all please head on over to this pin on Pinterest and click like or repin?!
I entered one of our trees in Country Living Magazine's Tree Contest, which ends Wednesday.
I would really appreciate it-thank you! This pic looks like this:
  Tuesday is a blogger day of silence in honor of the Sandy Hook victims.
Just devastating and heartbreaking. Our prayers go out to them.


  1. I'm glad to know I am not the only one still designing (or attempting to design!) my own blog! Yours looks great-- looove those cotton photos!

    1. Me, too, Jessica! Thank you so much! I tried to make it look professional :) xoxo

  2. I liked your pin. :) I think you do a great job dressing your shape. For whatever it's worth, you've never appeared flat chested to me. I never even realized it until you pointed it out. So, you must do a great job with your outfit choices. {Hope I don't sound super creepy right now}. Also, after reading that you don't make money on your blog, I am curious as to why? For a long time, I veered away from sponsorship {I only do free button swaps now} ... but Google Adsense is a way to make money blogging as well, and you seem to have a good amount of followers. {Way more than me! :)} .... Anyway, no judgment. Just curious.
    Thanks for answering our questions! Have a great day!

    1. Thank you!! It's my goal for no one to notice, so I appreciate that you didn't!! Your comment didn't sound at all creepy by the way. I used to do adsense years ago and literally got nothing. I have a lot more readers now than I did then, but I just didn't really think I'd make anything from it to be honest. I'm not sure how I feel about sponsorships yet. I don't feel like I have enough followers for that and I'm not sure I want to go through all the trouble of doing spotlights and such all then time. I guess I just need to do some more investigating on the whole thing. Is adsense fruitful for you? I've never heard any reviews on it from bloggers I know/follow. I'm interested to learn more about it, though! Thank you again! xoxo

    2. You're right, it isn't much, but I just place the ads toward the bottom so it's not ugly. I figure, why not? And again, you have more page views than I do.
      And the sponsors, I think you can just run it how you want ... some bloggers simply state that they don't do spotlight posts, people just pay for their ad on the page ... signing up for Passion Fruit is really easy, and they do all the work for you.
      Anyway, good luck with whatever you decide! :)

    3. Great points, Beth! I may give it a whirl again. I'll have to check into Passion Fruit-haven't heard much about it, but I'm interested in learning! Thank you so much for your input and your help! I really appreciate it! xoxo

  3. YAY!! So glad I found you on Pinterest! I don't have photoshop either but I do most of my photo editing at Pixlr.com (it's very similar layout as photoshop but free and web-based)and another fun photo editing site is picmonkey.com (it's my favorite).

    1. Me, too!! Thank you for sharing those editing sites!! I'll have to check them out :) xoxo


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