Weekend Review-Keeping it Real

First of all, I'm not sure how this happened, but I have over 4,000 Pinterest followers!!
That is beyond crazy to me!
 I should have known better than to say what our plans were for the weekend on Friday, because as the cards fall, only one of the planned events actually worked.
I went to the baby shower as planned, and I left early as planned so I could get back home to meet up with Brandon before going to the Georgia-Auburn game.
Well, I was about 25 min. from home when he called to inform me that we wouldn't be able to go to the game after all because he had such a crazy day at the clinic and he had some emergency calls.
That also meant we didn't get to take our Godson or get to see them this weekend.
To say I was disappointed was an understatement.
So, we watched the game on tv and had an argument like any other normal couple about the way the weekend went to pot.
Fingers crossed that it will work out to take our Godson to the game this weekend...
Sunday morning Brandon made homemade biscuits and breakfast for us.
I think he got to feeling bad about the weekend. 
We finished our argument and attempted to get on the same wavelength.
I generally don't post about our disagreements because I don't think it's respectful to our marriage, and I don't like to focus on negative things.
But sometimes you just have to be honest and real and it is possible to do that without airing out your laundry...just saying.
I love my husband more than anything, and we agree on almost every single thing, but sometimes we are on completely different wavelengths when it comes to emotions, and we are always working on improving that aspect of our relationship.
With a lot of prayer and patience, it can be done!
There is no one else in this world I would rather go through this life with.
I mean, just look at him! 
Then Brandon said his bad mood was due largely in part to our mattress, and stress at work.
I don't have a problem with it, but he does, and if he's not getting good rest then we need to address it.
So, he suggested we go buy a new mattress.
Shopping was a success and we ended up with a new memory foam mattress.
We didn't want to spend a lot of money because we currently have a queen size bed and plan on getting a king size bed in the next year, hopefully...we'll see how the budget works.
We got our mattress for less than $400 and it is actually pretty amazing.
Brandon says he feels better than he has in a really long time after the past few nights.
The mattress is the Serta Roma, and we also had a 3" memory foam mattress topper that we put on top of the new mattress as well.
There is no better feeling than easing into a freshly made bed with clean linens and a new mattress!
We had great weather here Sunday and Monday!
Monday it was 80 degrees and that's reason #8758924509845 why I love living in the deep South-shorts weather!
Brandon came home during his lunch break, which never ever happens, to work on getting his boat ready for duck season. 
He is constructing a blind for it.
We all got to ride back to work with him!
I had to do some accounting and run some errands.
Our neighborhood in November.
Those sunny skies turned gray and we ended up getting some much needed rain Monday evening and night.
And that was our weekend! Nothing overly exciting, just real and normal, as you can see by Sanford taking a hike on our mailbox!
Oh the joys of the simple life!


  1. i'm so impressed y'all knocked out mattress shopping in one weekend. we just bought a new bed and i found the whole process so awkward! stop watching me spoon my husband on the display, please! a new comfy bed is so worth it, though.

    1. Leah! You are so right about it being awkward trying out mattresses in public! We had quite the audience, too! Thanks for making me laugh! Have a blessed day! xoxo

  2. Glad y'all worked through it. It's hard to resist homemade biscuits. ;) That pic of the dogs in the back of the drug is soooooooo cute! And yes, yucky sleep can totally ruin you after a few days. Happy Wednesday!

    1. Oh yes, Beth, it's always fun working it out, lol! It is hard to resist those biscuits! Have a blessed day! xoxo

  3. How cute is Sanford the pug with his UGA hat?!

    1. I know! He is sleeping on my lap right now! Lazy pug! Have a blessed day! xoxo


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