UGA vs. GA Southern: Statesboro Comes to Town

We started off our weekend on Friday night watching our local high school host the Statesboro High Blue Devils in the first round of the state playoffs.
Ironically, this is the third year in a row we've watched Statesboro in the state playoffs because we used to live less than 30 min. South of there.
It's funny where life takes you.
It was a great game and we won 40-14.
This Friday we are off to the bottom of the state to take on the Cairo Syrup Makers!
I am absolutely crazy about high school football.
Some people are nuts about March Madness, but not this girl.
I print out all the brackets for GA High School football and keep up with all that's going on, and every year I go to some playoff games. 
Saturday we had another really busy day at the clinic, so we weren't able to leave as early as we wanted to to get to Athens.
We made it in the stadium just as the first quarter ended.
Georgia Southern University is in Statesboro, GA, too, which is funny since we watched their high school in football on Friday night.
 Brandon's mom wasn't able to go to the game due to a choral obligation-she is a middle school music teacher, so Brandon's Papa (his mom's dad) got to come to the game in her place.
 The highlight of the game was getting to meet up with this precious little soul!
This is Parker, who is one of the kids I babysat when we lived in Claxton.
If you've been reading for a while then you know all about my Claxton babies and I hadn't seen Parker in several months, so I was counting down the days until this game.
 Of course, getting to see his mom was a blessing, too!
I am honored to call her my friend!
The Dawgs won 45-14, so similar to Friday night's high school score. 
We are so excited to be headed to the SEC Championship game in December!!
 Brandon is so much like both of his Grandads.
He gets his loud voice, pouty lips, hips, nose and need for speed from his Papa, who is a former race car driver.
They both love to play golf and get riled up. 
When they get a bee in their bonnets, it's got to be done right then, regardless of what time it is or what is taking place.
 Brandon with his dad and papa.
 I always love spending time with him because he makes me laugh and he loves with his whole heart.
After the game we took a few pictures on the railroad tracks beside our parking deck.
 Isn't he handsome?! 
I love these pictures of him.
 He's had enough of the pictures.
 Several of you have asked about my monogrammed vest.
I got it at Walker Boutique in Statesboro, GA.
The font size is 4.5"w x 3"h. 
The brand of the vest is Charles River Apparel and I am wearing a size XS and I normally wear a size 2-4, or a small on top, and I'm 5'10" if that helps you with sizing.
My plaid shirt is actually a men's small Ralph Lauren that I got at Goodwill.
My black jeggings are a $14.99 TJ Maxx find and my black riding boots are from Target. Jewelry is John Wind.
 After the game we went to our favorite sushi place in downtown Athens, Shokitini.
We finished watching the Ole Miss-LSU game there, and what a game that was!!
My Claxton friends, Shelley and Paula came to eat there, too, and it was the most fun I've had in a while.
There is just something about being reunited with great friends that puts the icing on the cake in life.
 Getting to spend extra time with Parker and Shelley's adorable son, Little Emmett, was a huge bonus, too!
 We were missing Julianne and Christine, but it was great getting to catch up some in the Classic City.
I miss ALL of my Claxton friends, terribly.
They can't be replaced, but I've yet to find friends that compare to them where we live now.
By the way, Paula's family owns the World Famous Claxton Fruitcake Company, so if you or someone you know loves fruitcake, order them some from Claxton for the holidays.
They are family owned and operated and it's the best there is!
Support small businesses!
And lastly, how fabulous is it for the Dawg and Crimson Tide fans that Oregon and Kansas State lost?!
Can you say National Championship game!?!


  1. I know this is awful but I was tickled that they lost:) I am a HUGE Bama fan! I am so excited to watch the Tide and the Dawgs play in the SEC Championship! (Georgia would definatley have to be my #2 team that I cheer for) My husband and I are going to our very first Iron Bowl this weekend between Alabama and Auburn. We have been to several games but never one against our rival Auburn. I am so excited! Oh btw I LOVE the mongrammed vest! Adorable!

    1. Kathryn! Thank you! Have a blast at the Iron Bowl this weekend! It will definitely be fun for Bama fans, and I pity those Tigers. Are you going to go to the SEC championship game? Have a Happy Thanksgiving!! xoxo

    2. Thank you I hope we put them to shame:) I wish I would be able to go to the SEC game but unfortunately we wont get to go! That would be so much fun though! I've meant to tell you that I recetnly started reading your blog and I have really enjoyed it! I have a co-worker who is a Georgia peach herself and a fellow Bulldog alumni:) I was asking her if she knew where Dalohnega was and she was like no....(silly me I was pronouncing it like Dal-o-nayga...like Talladega...once she corrected me she said that she absolutely knew where it was. She grew up in Brazelton, GA. Are you going to the SEC championship game?

    3. We are planning on going as far as I know! We went last year, and it wasn't very pretty for us UGA fans, lol. Don't feel bad about pronouncing Dahlonega that way. Pretty much everyone that's not from that area does, haha. Braselton isn't that far from Dahlonega, less than an hour. It's a small world! Thank you so much for reading! :)

  2. You are just too cute!
    I love your monogrammed vest!!! :)

    Dp you have instagram? I have been slacking onblogs because I et so busy with my boys I don't always have time to read..
    if you have it add me! lea_liz

    1. Thank you, thank you!! I added you :) Looking forward to staying in touch a little better!! Have a very blessed and Happy Thanksgiving!! xoxo

  3. In hind sight I am actually impressed GSU had a better turn out against UGA that GT did! BTW, how did your HS team do agains the Cairo Syrup Makers? They seemed to often be the team to beat when we lived in Hall County (North Hall found themselves on the losing end of the Syrup makers more times than they would like to remember in the playoffs!)

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. You are right about the turnout! Georgia Southern does have true fans! Games there are such a blast! Tech fans are peculiar, that's for sure. We beat Cairo 3-0 in overtime!! Can you believe it?! From what we heard it was just a crazy game. What a win! North Hall is still in the playoffs! They beat Morgan County (Madison, GA), and will play against Peach County Friday night. Peach County is near us and they are always really good! Maybe North Hall can give them a good game! :)

  4. We were there too... But cheering for the Eagles :)

  5. I have spent all afternoon reading your precious blog! I am a Georgia Peach girl myself and was actually at Shokatini that night for my Brother-in-law's 40th birthday, we were in a kareoke room upstairs! Go Dawgs!

    1. Allison, thank you SO much for spending so much time reading and for taking the time to write me!! That is so crazy that we were at Shokitini the same night!! What a small world! GO DAWGS!! Have a wonderful weekend! xoxo


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