Camping, Cumberland, St. Mary's, St. Simon's Island

I'm happy to report that we made it through the night!
It wasn't bad at all and I actually really enjoyed it.
Other than waking up in a drenching sweat with leg cramps due in part to our 16 mile bike ride, I had a restful nights sleep.
Here is what it looked like from my angle:
I think the setting was the biggest contributing factor to my positive camping experience.
Hearing ocean waves crash while laying under a moss laden canopy of live oaks is what I think of when I think about Heaven.
How do y'all like my flamingo pjs and matching toiletry bag?
I know, I know, the bicycle and Crocs set it off!
My biggest complaint is that there is no hot water on the island.
Cold shower or no shower.
I opted for no shower.
I hate everything about being cold and cold weather, so I'm not about to immerse myself in ice cold water unless it's been days since I last bathed.
Judge me if you want, but at a morning temperature of 48 degrees and 25 mph wind gusts, taking an ice cold outdoor shower isn't worth the potential pneumonia I could have gotten as a result.
My beloved whelk shell collection drying out on the picnic table.
I have to say my husband spoiled me. He was way more into packing better food than I was.
I would've settled for some protein bars and snacks, and he wanted to bring everything but the kitchen sink.
In fact, it was more like "glamping" with him.
You know, glamorous camping... it's a new term. I saw it on Pinterest.
Brandon was up and at 'em cooking oatmeal for breakfast.
Starting one last fire before we left...
Oranges fresh off the tree.
The next 45 minutes were a blur.
The last time I checked the clock it was 9:28am and the ferry was scheduled to leave at 10:15am.
We finished packing everything up and rode our bikes to the dock.
We weren't just cruising on our bikes, we were pretty much flying.
I got way ahead of Brandon and made it to the boat only to find it was 10:07 and Brandon came trailing up behind me with news that he dropped our 40lb. garbage bag of shells back near the campsite.
In true Cherish fashion, I freaked out and demanded he go back and get them.
And in true Brandon fashion, he saw the look on my face and off he went.
Well, the boat horn began blowing at 10:13 and he was nowhere in sight.
I began to panic.
I asked the dock boys if that horn meant it was time to leave, like an idiot.
Of course that's what the horn meant.
Well, what I really meant was, "Is that like a 2 minute warning or a we're floating off warning, because 2 minutes is 2 minutes."
  I told the boys that my husband wasn't on the boat...that he "dropped something" and went back to get it.
They were seriously not interested in waiting and I told them I was going to have an anxiety attack and there was no choice but to wait.
They told me to call him.
It kept going straight to voicemail.
Like he was going to answer a phone while he was peddling a bicycle ninety to nothing while toting a 40lb bag of knobbed whelks.
Let me tell you I was freaking out!! The next ferry didn't leave until 4:45pm.
They were starting to pull the ropes when I caught a glimpse of red in the distance.
I started screaming, 'Wait, wait, there he is, he's coming!!!"
They waited and I prayed it was actually him and not some other person.
It looked like he was moving in slow motion and I was screaming, "Run, Run!!!"
The bag was practically destroyed and shells were falling out all over the dock and he was scrambling to pick them up.
People watching from the ferry were "oohing and awwing" at his pitiful self stumbling down the dock.
I thought those dock boys were going to croak when they saw that the "something" he dropped was a garbage bag of seashells.
They were not amused...or maybe they were come to think of it.
He did all of that for me.
Someone got a lot of great shells without even having to go to the beach, but bless his heart, he sure tried.
And he was on death's door when he got to the boat.
It was 10:19am.
He rode a bicycle a mile in less than 10 minutes through dry sand and massive packs of boy scout troops with those shells.
Mind you he had already made that same trip just a couple minutes prior with all of our gear on his back.
He really was pitiful. And this man is a beast, let me tell you.
Yet he had no color and had crocodile tears running out of his eyes.
He wasn't crying, I don't know what it was other than pure over-exertion.
And truthfully he was panicked that he had missed the ferry.
Poor thing had gashes in his legs from where the bags of shells kept beating him while he peddled, and he had to wear socks with his sandals, which is so not cool!
Needless to say, I owe him big time.
He did that for me because he knows how much those shells mean to me and how much delight I took in collecting each one.
He knows I'd rather have those shells than any diamond money could buy.
This is reason # 998465920945868 why I love him. He gets me even when he doesn't.
The 45 minute ferry ride back was just what the doctor ordered for him.
Other than the group of middle school girl playing Taylor Swift's latest hit about never getting back together-like ever-over and over and over and over again on their iphones and singing along while making crazy facial expressions and hand gestures.
Just when I thought Brandon was going to lose it, those girls offered him some peanut M&Ms, which are one of his very favorite things, because they felt sorry for him.  
He said the whole fiasco was worth it just for those M&Ms. It doesn't take much to please him either.
The girls really were cute and I couldn't help but laugh because I used to do the same kinds of things, only to Britney Spears and Jessica Simpson, except I sure didn't have an iphone. I had a portable cassette or cd player with headphones. So cool, right?!
GA-FL flags flying on a boat! Go Dawgs!
St. Mary's from the water.
He was feeling much better by the time we got back to the mainland.
Yes, in case you're wondering, I did carry the Camelbak, the trash, and my duffel bag on my bicycle onto the boat.
I did not leave it all up to him.
Brandon's parents were there to greet us and help us off the ferry.
They enjoyed their night at the B&B.
Downtown St. Mary's is just precious. I could live there.
I say that a lot, I know.
I have commitment issues. I don't know where I want to end up.
This is the Spencer House, where Brandon's parents stayed.
They have the most beautiful elementary school I've ever seen.

After leaving St. Mary's we made our way over to St. Simon's Island to eat lunch and do a little shoppping at some of our favorite places.
In God We Trust...
We had lunch at Barabara Jean's.
Brandon had shrimp and grits and I had crab cakes.
The food was really good, especially the crab cakes. 
They were full of lump crab meat and not filler and peppers.
They also have really good squash casserole, broccoli casserole and dirty rice.
St. Simon's is like a little Athens on the coast, so all the shops cater to the UGA fams for GA-FL weekend.
We got dessert at the 4th of May because they are known for their cakes. Unfortunately, their baker got fired and their cakes were not as good as they used to be.
After dessert we went to downtown Brunswick to get some fresh seafood to bring home.
Isn't this cooker/trailer amazing!! Brandon loved it!
Oh, and as you can see he immediately traded his shorts and socks with sandals look for his jeans and boots as soon as we got to the car from the ferry.
What an awesome long weekend on the coast. We are totally ready to retire and move as soon as we win the lottery!
Seeing as how we don't play, the odds aren't in our favor.
If you ever get the chance to go camping on Cumberland Island, you should.
Unless you don't like sand, mosquitoes, gnats, critters, etc., then you shouldn't.
But the bugs aren't bad this time of year.
I wouldn't want to camp there during the summer, but the fall and spring are great.
And I just have to say it again, "Go Dawgs!" We beat the Gators!! :)


  1. Those shells are beautiful! I can't wait to see what you do with them. And now, a monogrammed vest is on my Christmas list :) That is too cute!

  2. I am glad to see that both you & Brandon surived the island & camping. Not gonna lie the socks & flip flops together are too funny. Its so sweet that he saved the shells for you & fresh seafood yummy! So jealous girlie...

  3. LOVE St. Simons, Barbara Jean's and your vest :)


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