Baby Showers & Sprinkles

In mid-October I went home to Dahlonega for one of my sweet friend's baby showers.
I met Merry through Brandon, as he used to date Merry in high school.
She and I just hit it off when we first met and I just love her to pieces.
I'm biased, but my husband definitely has good taste, lol! 
I was so glad I got to see her because she and her husband are both meteorologists and have moved several times over the past 4 years.
The last time we saw them they were living in Lubbock, Texas, but thank the Lord He moved them back to the Southeast to Hunstville, Alabama.
It's not Georgia, but it will surely do!
Anyway, they are expecting their first baby, a boy named Logan, in January and I could not be more excited for them! 
 Please excuse some of the poor pictures-I used my iPhone on some of them.
 This is Merry opening her gift from us.
 I wasn't able to get a good close up of the gift after she opened it, and I was so scatterbrained that I forgot to take one before, so these are from the internet, but it's basically what we gave her.
I always give Feltman Brothers outfits because they are heirloom gifts and just so timeless and classic.
I feel like a lot of people in my generation don't understand or appreciate heirloom gifts as much, and I want that Southern tradition to keep on going, so that's what I always give!
 Since Merry graduated from UGA, too, we gave Logan some blue Georgia socks and a newborn knit cap.
 Merry's mom got her the sweetest antique bassinet you've ever seen!
She made the lining and some other neat things to go with it!
Talk about an heirloom gift! What a treasure!
 It was so wonderful to see Merry and celebrate Baby Logan with her.
I can't wait to meet him in 2013!
 This past Saturday my sweet friend, Brittany, had a Sprinkle for her second baby, a girl named Kate, who is also due in January!
Brittany married one of Brandon's best friends from childhood through grade school, and they have the cutest little boy named Parker!
 This is Anna, Brittany, and me!
Anna is a twin, and her twin brother, Adam, is also one of Brandon's childhood through college best friends.
I love both of these beautiful women dearly!
 This is me and Andrea, who is engaged to another one of Brandon's best friends from childhood through college.
I love it that Brandon has such a close group of friends that he has kept his entire life.
It seems like guys are much better at that than girls are.
Anyway, Andrea and Britt and getting married in June and we have been hard at work planning all of the pre and post wedding festivities!!
 Brittany's hostesses did an awesome job decorating and planning the menu for her sprinkle!
 We all filled out the most precious little cards that had lots of "I hope you (fill in the blank)..."
 This is Brittany opening her gift from us. Of course I got Baby Kate a Feltman Brothers dress, too, and lots of other monogrammed goodies!
  She got a ton of monogrammed gifts and each was different! Baby Kate is going to be quite the fashionista!
Here are some close ups of my gift to Baby Kate:
 The two pacis with E's on them are for my Goddaughter, Ellie, who will be here in March.
 Aren't these monogrammed shoes precious?!
All of this stuff makes me squeal!
 My aunt helped me out with the monogramming!
She is fabulous!
She and I both have the same embroidery machine, but I haven't set mine up since we moved and it will be a few months before I get it going again, but if you are interested, her business is called C&S Heirlooms and she is located in Cumming, GA.
 I had a blast celebrating two very blessed babies that will be making their entrance into the world in January!!
It seems like everyone I know either has kids, is pregnant, is trying, or is getting married!
I guess it's just that age and season of life!


  1. I just love your taste in baby gifts! I've got lots of showers and baptisms to attend as well and LOVE buying anything monogrammed!

    1. Thank you, Megan! Monogrammed is definitely the way to go in the gift department :) Have fun at your showers and baptisms!! xoxo

  2. OMG you picked out some of the cutest gifts ever. I love the thought of giving something that can be a wonderful heirloom. I love things like that!

    Hope you come follow over at my new spin off blog, http://themushymommy.blogspot.com


    1. Thank you!! I love special, meaningful gifts, too. I'll definitely have to check out your new blog! Have a blessed day! xoxo

  3. Such cute baby gifts. Love the photos! & I love all the monogrammed things eek so precious :)

    1. Thank you! Aren't they precious?! I know, they make me go "eekkkkk," too, lol! xoxo


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