Aiken, SC Wedding

We are learning that, with veterinary practice ownership, making plans outside of work is hit or miss. 
For example, as I was beginning to get supper ready on Friday night Brandon called and said he had some emergencies come in and that he was going to have to do emergency surgery on one of the patients, so he wasn't sure when he'd be home. He made it home sometime after 8 and was exhausted.
On Saturdays we are open from 8-12 and we had planned on trying to leave the clinic a little early, around 11:30, in order to get to the wedding of one of our dearest friends and Brandon's former vet school classmate's weddings in Aiken, South Carolina.
Aiken is 160 miles from where we live.
Well, we had a parvo case come in, a dog that had an infection and was fully dilated and needed a c-section, and a full appointment schedule.
At 12:05 Brandon was still in an exam room with a patient and client. 
We finally rolled out on two wheels around 12:20.
The wedding ceremony was at 3. 
Google maps said it would take 2 hrs. 55 min. to get there. We see that as the "time to beat."
We wheeled into the beautiful Hopeland Gardens in Aiken at 2:42.
Brandon still had to tie his shoes and I had to fan my armpits. Lovely.
It was all worth the hustle and bustle to see Rachael walk down the aisle and exchange vows.
She was stunning. She took my breath away.
Her eyes are so beautiful, and whomever did her eye makeup really set them off.
I loved her lace gown. It was so timeless and elegant.
Rachael holds a special place in our hearts.
After spending 4 years in vet school together, we realized post-graduation that we were going to be moving to the same town, Daisy near Claxton.
The same vet had hired both Brandon and Rachael to work for him at 2 different practices in the same area.
Needless to say, we became extremely close as we didn't know anyone else in our new town.
Brandon and Rachael were constantly discussing cases and supporting one another as they began their careers in an unfamiliar place.
We ate supper together and watched favorite tv shows most nights.
Some of my dearest memories are in Southeast Georgia as we all 3 became more independent than we ever dreamed we would.
Rachael moved from Daisy about 10 months before we did.
She accepted a new job in Charlotte, NC, and made another major move.
Only a few months after moving to Charlotte, she met Chris, a pharmacist. 
The rest is history. 
I am so proud of Rachael and even more thrilled to watch her story unfold.
God is faithful and He is oh so good.
I can't say enough about how beautiful the setting was.
If you live anywhere between the Columbia and Augusta area and are looking for a place to get married, I would highly recommend looking into Hopeland Gardens.
The ceremony took place under a canopy of hemlocks, live oaks, and other varieties of oak trees.
The Reverend Carter and Dr. Kristin Robinson.
Kristin was also in Brandon's vet school class and we were very close over those 4 years.
Carter and Kristin have recently accepted a pastor calling in Pawley's Island, SC. 
Kristin is one of the most joyful people I've ever known.
She is always happy and has the biggest smile on her face.
Her love for the Lord shines in all she says and does.
The vets and their spouses! 
I thank God for our friends and while I know that we are each so blessed to be where He has called us to be, my only complaint is that He sure did spread us out.
But, at least we are all still in the Southeast!
And we have many options for places to get away and fellowship!
The vets with Dr. Billy Myers.
I can't say enough great things about this man and the positive influence he has had on each of us and so many others.
He faithfully serves in many areas, but the main area is the Christian Veterinary Fellowship group at UGA.
He has helped lead our missions trips every year and he and his precious wife, Dr. Lee Myers-our former State Veterinarian of 13 years, are so generous to have the students to their farm and home throughout the year for numerous events.
We have been so blessed by the Myers and we thank God for the mentorship they've provided.
Some of our very best friends, Dr. Andrew and Rebekah Verdin.
The son of a veterinarian, he practices in Simpsonville, SC, so if you live in that area and are looking for a great vet-he is your man at Verdin Veterinary Services!
Speaking of plans, we had made plans to go and stay with them after the wedding, but that wasn't to be due to all of the emergencies we had.
Funny thing is, they were 10 min. late to the wedding because they had some emergencies come in at their practice, too, and had a hard time getting out the door.
Speaking of time constraints, there was about an hour and 40 min. gap between the end of the ceremony and the reception, so none of us were able to stay for the reception, unfortunately.
The Robinson's had a 4 hour drive back to Pawley's, we had a 2.5 hour drive with sick patients awaiting our care, and I believe the Verdin's had a 1.5 hour drive back with patients to tend to as well.
The life of a veterinarian!
It was fun to get dressed up with my husband!
He looks so handsome in a suit.
Congratulations to Chris and Rachael!!
May God richly bless your marriage until death do you part!


  1. That's so crazy. I live in Aiken. Hope y'all enjoyed your visit!

    1. Heather!! That is so crazy!! I wish our lives weren't so crazy and that we could have spent the weekend there and maybe met up! Aiken is such a beautiful town-a true gem :) We'll have to get back over there some time! xoxo

  2. Love the outfit you wore to the wedding! So cute!

    1. Thank you, Megan! I got everything at TJ Maxx! (blouse $15, skirt $25, leopard wedges $50) xoxo

  3. What a beautiful wedding! If loving your outfit, and your hair is so long and pretty!

    1. It really was!! Thank you so much! I got everything at TJ Maxx! (blouse $15, skirt $25, leopard wedges $50) xoxo

  4. Crazy day but I am glad that you & Brandon was able to make it. She was a beautiful bride! I love love love the eye makeup that someone did for it. It really set the eyes off & it looked great!

    1. It was crazy, but that is about right for our lives, lol! Wasn't she, though?! I agree! xoxo

  5. What a beautiful bride and you look fabulous! What a nice time for you all to get together to chat, even if it wasn't for very long.
    During my schooling, I've come to find the pharmacist-veterinarian couple to be a common one, especially with the pharmacy school and vet school just across the street from one another!

    1. She really was! Thank you so much, Erin! You are so right about the pharm-vet couples! Funny how that works! That makes me miss being on campus everyday. I just love UGA's campus :) xoxo


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