UGA vs.Tennessee

This is a major event in our relationship: the annual showdown between Georgia and Tennessee!
We met at this very game in Athens 8 years ago in 2004.
I was wearing orange and he was wearing red.
We have not missed this game since.
Today was also the day/game that the Dean of the UGA Vet school hosted the annual Dean's Tailgate to which all alumni are invited to.
Needless to say, Brandon wanted me to wear red to that event.
So, I complied, but not without putting up a fight.
Of course we got there and there were several Tennessee fans in orange gear at that tailgate.
Oh well.
Leslie and me
My sweet man!
Our parking pass/deck is right beside the train tracks on East Campus Road, and there is the most beautiful foot bridge the crosses over the tracks.
I hope he enjoyed the red while it lasted...
because the Tennessee orange and my sister are in town!
Yes, I changed my entire outfit in the backseat of our car.
My sister and Brad met us at the exact same time I got my clothes changed.
Funny thing-they both had to change clothes in their truck because the rolled in on two wheels from a wedding.
I'm still appalled that people are not more conscientious of the SEC football schedule when they plan their weddings, but whatever! ;)
Another House Divided!
A packed stadium!
Here comes the Big Orange!
If you didn't watch this game you missed a real nail-biter.
There was so much back and forth and intensity that it was nerve-wracking.
Our sweet friends, The Dominy's,  were recognized for their nonprofit, Remember the One, which began based on their personal journey with having a baby with Trisomy 18.
I had to take this picture while Tennessee was actually beating Georgia just before halftime.
Pride of the Southland Marching Band
Coach Derek Dooley in his orange pants and Converse sneakers.
Well, multiple times Tennessee was in a hair's breath of going into overtime by scoring, but it just wasn't in the cards.
They played a great game and I was proud.
The final score was 51-44.
I'm so happy my sister got to sit next to me during this game and share in my emotional state of being! Ha!
So glad they were able to come with us!
Until next year...Rocky Top You'll Always Be Home Sweet Home to Me...


  1. I love going to Athens for that game! You were such a good sport to wear red for the tailgate!

  2. Haha Cherish you crack me up...but I am right there with you about planning a wedding during football season...what southerner would do that?

  3. I absolutely love your explaination of you guys meeting at the game with him in red and you in orange. Precious! I also LOVE that orange dress you wore! SO cute!!


  4. I remember watching this game, and how such a nail biter it was! Too funny I can see some of my UT friends in the stands in your pictures. Love you dress by the way! I wish I could find some cuter things for games :)

    1. That is so funny! :) Thank you so much! It is hard to find Vol orange, I admit! xoxo


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