UGA vs. Buffalo

It's football season!
I can't believe it's already here, but then again I have lost all track of time it seems.
We were blessed to have the UGA College of Veterinary Medicine host us at their tailgate and in the Skysuites during the game.
This building holds so many memories for us.
I can't believe how quickly 4 years passed by.
The experiences we had there and the relationships we formed made lasting impressions on us and we thank God for timing it all just perfectly as only He can do.
Under the oaks...
Scenes on South Campus.
Me and my love, Dr. Pinson.
The view form our seats in the Skysuites.
Having the opportunity to experience the Skysuites was one of the greatest events of our lives!
The catered food just kept coming, the dessert bar was out of this world, and it was air conditioned, of course.
We may never get to experience sitting there ever again, so we tried to soak it all up as much as we could!
Glory to Old Georgia!
A word of prayer before kickoff...
Thomas & Dr. Melissa (+baby) Johnson, Dr. Andrew & Rebekah Verdin, and us.
A view from the back of the Skysuite.
The dessert bar.
A picture of Dr. Hollet, Uga's personal Vet, and all the Uga's.
Dr. Verdin and Dr. Pinson.
The ice cream bar.
More dessert bar.
Every little detail has the Georgia "G" on it.
After the game we went to the bookstore and to the Tate Student Center Plaza where I found my UGA Class of 2009 plaque with my name on it.
I'm not boasting, but I'm really proud of this!
What a beautiful day in Athens!
We want to thank the UGA CVM for inviting us to tailgate and to the game.
We had a wonderful time and we love you!
Dawgs win 45-23!

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  1. Oh my gosh---looks like the perfect day for football! SO jealous! I'm still dying to get to a SEC game and Georgia may be my destination. :)



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