Sweet Boys and a Girl on the Way

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Last week after our Kiwanis Club meeting with Dr. Dorminy I headed west to Ellerslie to visit with our Godsons for the rest of the week.
I can't tell you how happy it makes me that our driveways are only 62 miles apart.
Now, that's quite a few miles compared to living across the road from each other in Athens.
But then we moved near Savannah and they moved near Columbus, and the distance was more than I could bear.
So, 62 miles seems like nothing to me now.

The most exciting news that I've been dying to share is that Charlie and Sam have a baby sister on the way!!!
Her name will be Helen Anna (after her grandmothers and me) and called Ellie and is due March 17th.
Aunt Cherish is on cloud nine and has already bought her crib bedding!!
Let the spoiling begin!

Look at how this guy has grown! Sam is such a doll!
I was so excited to get to watch Charlie at both karate and soccer practice!
He is quite the soccer player and wanted me to play with him in the yard at home.
I did for over an hour and he wore me out!
Poor Sam wasn't feeling good at soccer practice.
Growing up so quickly!

Spending a little quality one on one time with Sam!
I'm obsessed with his hair!
Charlie was having a serious conversation with Meg and me while playing outside one afternoon.
He is so smart and so well spoken and articulate that I really enjoy chatting with him.
While Brandon and I were at the San Diego Zoo we bought the kids some gifts-stuffed zoo animals.
I was so happy to see how much they loved them.
We can't wait until we get to take them to the zoo someday so they can see it for themselves!
We also celebrated Meg's mom's Birthday while I was there.
We had a wonderful dinner at the country club in Columbus.
I used the wand on Meg's hair and we all got all dressed up, but unfortunately we didn't get any pictures because Sam was extremely fussy throughout the meal and just wasn't acting like himself.
On the way home he threw up and it continued on from there.
He had some sort of stomach virus, so needless to say pictures, cake and ice cream were a no-go that night.
Later in the week we finally did the cake and ice cream celebration.
Columbus has a really cute bakery called the Corner Bakery and they make awesome cakes and desserts.
Happy Birthday to Busy Bee!! 
I just love her to pieces.
She is like a second mother to me. I regularly call her a saint, or an angel.
She has the sweetest spirit and the most giving heart, very much like my own mama.
She always has my room ready when I get there and makes me feel more at home than anyone else ever has. 
And yes, I love Meg's dad just as much, too.
We are buddies and we like to cut up and watch Fox News together.
He makes me laugh almost nonstop when I'm around him.
I'm so thankful for this precious family and what they mean to us.
I love them with all of my heart.


  1. Welcome to twitter and instagram!!!

    what is your instagram name? I cant find you?

    my twitter is @lifeasiknow09
    and instagram is lifeasiknow09

  2. Yay! So glad to see you on instagram!
    And congrats on the new little one on the way! So sweet of them to name her after you! Your love for your godchildren is so evident; they are three lucky little ones!

  3. So excited that you finally have an IG YAY... Congrats to you & Brandon I know you both are super thrilled with a little girl. You two are great god parents. Charlie & Sam both have grown so much. It is crazy how time flies by. & I love how they was sweet & named her after you!I am sure that melted your heart to know that they have so much love for you :)


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