Historic Downtown Senoia, Georgia

We took advantage of the beautiful afternoon while in Senoia visiting the Southern Living Idea House and walked around the historic downtown.

They have the cutest little shops with quality inventory.
There are some towns that are just beautiful, yet I leave disappointed after experincing the downtown shopping.
But not in Senoia. The best part was that the prices in the stores were very reasonable.
I particularly loved the inside of this one store. Too bad I can't remember the name.
 If you have cotton laying around, then we can be friends!
Southern Ground Social Club is owned by country singer/songwriter Zac Brown, who also happens to be from my hometown, Dahlonega.
It was closed when we were there, but it looked like the neatest place through the windows.
I've heard Founders is a fantastic restaurant, but they close at 4pm on Sundays, and we got there at 4:30, so we didn't get to find out for ourselves.
I've heard people rave about their fried green tomatoes and shrimp n' grits.
I love this shade of brick! The whitewashed look makes all the difference to me.
Brandon patiently waiting on me to take pictures.
I love this-the Georgia Mercantile Company!
They also had the cutest plant nursery, which is only fitting considering the Southern Living Idea House is just a few blocks away and we know they need to keep their landscaping in tip top shape.
We will definitely be making a trip back up there in the Spring to get some plants!
Since the restaurant we wanted to eat at was closed we headed just a few minutes North to Peachtree City to eat at Ted's Montana Grill, which is one of Brandon's favorite places.
 Their apple berry crumble cobbler is back on their fall menu and that sort of thing is right up my alley so I had to have some.
It was humongous and delicious!
Senoia also has a few bed and breakfasts, so I think it would be a perfect place to get away for a night/weekend.
It's very convenient to both I-85 and I-75 South of Atlanta.
Plan your visit to Senoia!


  1. Okay so I am pretty sure I saw y'all at Lowe's in Griffin, but wasn't 100%. But since you were in Senoia, I guess it was you two. My husband and I are going to the house today. I have been once, but I am taking him over with me again so I can see the Christmas decorations. Senoia is a great little town!

  2. Hi Cherish. I've just run across your page and found your entry about The Georgia Mercantile Company. I am the owner of the shop and just want to say Thank You for your post! I do hope you come back soon to visit, shop and eat at Southern Ground.


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